3 high-intensity workouts your personal trainer might recommend

Most of personal trainers are always up-to-date with the latest workout regimes that are seeing results and that are beneficial to their clients. Over the last couple of years, high-intensity workouts have become quite popular. There are quite a few options when it comes to the high-intensity workouts. However, if you consult a professional personal trainer, there are a few different high-intensity workouts that are most effective. Below are 3 different high-intensity workouts that may work well for you.

1. Boxing high-intensity workout:
Boxing is a great form of exercise. Not only will you be strengthening your upper body but you would also be targeting your lower body as well.

The moves that are involved in a boxing workout can be practiced for around 30 seconds each.

That is why you can be sure that this workout moves quickly. However, just because this workout is quick does not mean that it is not effective. When you look at the efficiency of this workout, you will realize that it actually gives you a great workout.


-Left & Right Jab Cross
-Left & Right Hook
-Jumping ropes

These are the activities which are involved in the workout. Where you have to use both the hands, you have to do so alternatively.

2. TRX high-intensity workout:
This type of workout uses the TRX suspension which can be easily found online for purchase.

Below are 6 different exercises using the TRX.

The intensity of each exercise is pretty high.


-Jumping Squats 10 times
-Back Rows 15 times
-Left Single leg squats followed by Right leg squats 10 times each
-Mountain Climbing 30 seconds
-Plank 60 seconds

Each of these exercises is a high-intensity exercise, that is why the effect would be much more significant.

3. Staircase climb:
This exercise can be done on an actual staircase or it can be done on a Stairmaster machine.

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