How To Gauge Your Fitness

Some people like to consider themselves fit – although, you have to keep in mind that being physically fit can be measured in different ways. There is not just one form of “fitness”. Instead of just assuming you are fit, you can find ways in which you can gauge it.

Below are a few tips which may help you in deciding where you fall on the fitness spectrum.

1. Heart rate while resting:
This is known as the resting heart rate. If you’re extremely fit, it can range from 40 – 60 BPM.

If your BMP is on the lower end of the range, it can show that your cardiovascular health is good.

If it is faster, you may want to think of some ways to get some exercise in and lower that BPM.

2. 1 mile running:
You need to run 1 mile at the flat surface. And that it would gauge your fitness

You have to get the distance covered in stipulated the time period.

If you’re physically fit, you may be able to complete a one-mile run in around 9 minutes. If you are significantly over 9 minutes, you can look into some ways of improving your cardio health so you can reach that 9 minute mark. Once you are able to reach that mark, you may be able to come to the conclusion that you are fairly fit.

3. Checking your flexibility:
Stretching and keeping your body flexible is an important aspect of fitness. You have to understand that when you’re testing your flexibility it helps gauge your fitness.

In order to do this test, you can stretch out your legs in front of you on the floor and try to reach your toes.

If you’re able to reach them with ease, chances are your flexibility is not bad. However, very few of the people are able to reach it in the 1st attempt. When you incorporate more stretching exercises into your routine, you can definitely help increase your fitness level by improving your flexibility. It is important for you to always look into the flexibility of different parts of your body and not just your legs or lower body.

So, if you want to test yourself and see where you fall on the fitness spectrum, these methods are a great place to start. You can join fitness classes, sessions, etc. to help you improve your fitness.

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