Ladies’ Only Fitness

Ladies’ Only Fitness



Are you uncomfortable working out in public? Is your body undergoing changes? Are you struggling to lose fat on your hips, inner thighs, and fat behind the back of your arms?

We can help. We have personal trainers who understand your needs and your changing body. Eagle Ridge Fitness personal trainers have helped many women, just like you, achieve their fitness goals and feel great about their bodies. Many have tightened and toned their hips, butt, arms, and shrunk their stomach with our unique fitness program.

You too can lose a couple of dress sizes and fit into your favourite clothes.

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“My lower back pain went away and my shoulders feels stronger!”

Working with a personal trainer has given me the confidence I needed to commit to a lifestyle that involves consistency with workouts and fitness. In the past I have belonged to gyms that provided some equipment training and a basic workout plan. Inevitably I would injure myself or lose interest in a plan that did not appear to produce results. Sam has provided expertise that dealt with the strengthening of old injuries and an overall improvement in all areas of fitness – strength, flexibility and balance.

I have seen excellent results! Pounds and inches have been lost (time for a new wardrobe). I am stronger and more confident in tackling new physical activities. I am going to try snowshoeing this winter and golf and rowing in the spring. I feel great! I love my exercise routines and my new energy levels.

I am very happy that a friend pointed me in Sam’s direction when she heard that I was looking for a certified trainer that also had a Kinesiology degree. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels.

June Matheuszik, Langley, B.C

“I lost 3 dress sizes!”

Having been a competitive figure skater I had been in great physical shape all my life, without having to think about it. When I hit my mid 30’s I was starting to gain weight and was not able to develop an effective plan to take the weight off and get back into shape. I was concerned that a program lifting weights would over-develop my muscles and I would end up looking mannish. I‘m now 43 and have regained my strength, tone and definition – my arms (including what used to be “bat-wings” have never looked better! I feel better than I have in years and it is in a large part due to my work with Sam! I’ve been able to incinerate inches and fat off my problem areas. I toned my hips, butt, and inner thighs. I look and feel great in my new bikini.

Christina Stewart, Port Coquitlam, B.C

“I lost 26 pounds!”

“Somehow I found myself 40 lbs overweight and nearing my 50th birthday. In the past I had tried various gyms but with disastrous results. The “trainers” had little or no experience working with clients such as myself with chronic back issues. In the past couple of years I ended up with a very bad case of Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot and tendonitis in my right shoulder. I wanted desperately to lose weight and be pain free, but was very leery of working with someone inexperienced. For that reason I sought out a trainer with a Kinesiology degree. That way I could be confident they understood the issues I had.

I met Sam and he worked with me over the next 5-6 months on various programs always altering as we went along to accommodate my injuries. I lost 26lbs, toned my body and although I am not completely pain free, I have been able to eliminate my pain medication.

Through my recommendation, my friend also started to work with Sam and her results have been great as well!

I have been extremely pleased with the results I got training with Sam and thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.”

Jan Millar

Langley, B.C

Deidre Wrightman

Debby H.

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