Should I do a detox?

Should I do a detox?

I’ve been getting quite a few emails about various diets and what I think of them.

Should I do keto? Should I do intermittent fasting? Should I do a detox?  Should I do a challenge?

Here’s the answer: all of them work if you’re on the ‘diet’ lifelong! The problem is a ‘diet’ like a detox isn’t realistic long term. It may help ‘kick-start’ your fitness and health journey…

However, we all know what happens once you’re off a ‘diet’. Once you’re off the ‘diet’, you revert to the status quo and sometimes gain even more weight than before you started this ‘diet’. I’m guilty of this! I’ve personally have experienced the heartbreak of gaining more weight than when I first started a ‘diet’.


Do you remember the television series, the Biggest Loser? That show has done far more damage to the fitness industry and North Americans by creating a distorted perspective of fitness and exercise. The Biggest Loser promoted long and hard daily workouts. Is it realistic for those contestants to workout all day once the show is over? What about recovery? Your body needs time to recover in order to make positive changes.  I’m so happy that show is off the air. Heartbreakingly, many of the contestants have gained the weight back.

Having gone through my own personal transformation and having trained hundreds of clients over the years, I get it. I get it how frustrating it feels when your clothes don’t fit.

I get the feeling of letting yourself down. We all want it quick and easy…For this reason, detoxes and weight loss challenges are all appealing.

However, I have a problem with extreme diets that are for 14, 21, 28 days, 60 days and so forth. Nutrition does not have a set start date and end date. You’re going to eat for the rest of your life, right? In reality, you’re already on a nutrition plan. You’re currently either on a weight gain, weight loss, or maintenance plan. It may be unintentional what plan you’re currently on. Regardless, your body has already decided for you, based on your activity levels and nutrition habits over the past few weeks and the past several months.

Because nutrition does not have a set start and end date, I have mixed feelings about 21-day, 28-day, 6-week challenges out there.  However, I offer weight loss challenges for the client who needs that incentive and motivation to finally make the change. I offer it for the person who understands that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle.

If you ever partake in one of my challenges, you’ll hear me preaching that nutrition does not have a start and end date. For new clients, there’s always an interview and consultation before joining any of my ‘challenges’. I’m more interested in what you do after your 6 week challenge and helping you develop lifelong skills. If you’re hopping from one challenge to another, or from one program to another, come and talk to me. I cast no judgement. My goal is to sort out some of the misconceptions on nutrition and fitness that you have, which the late-night infomercials have mislead you to believe.

I’m going to speak the truth! I want you to learn from my mistakes.

I’m not perfect. I’ve done every diet under the sun. I still struggle with my nutrition, but I have a strategy in place which I’ve developed working with my own nutrition coach.

From my own experience, I’ve put together a list of tips for you to succeed.

  • Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes time. If you’re wanting to lose 40 pounds, it may feel like a huge mountain to climb. Instead, focus on losing 5 pounds at a time. You’ll soon lose 10, 20, 30 pounds!
  • What’s worked for your friend, won’t necessarily work for you. My meal plan won’t work for you, as it won’t meet you where you need to start. My current meal plan would not have worked for me, when I first started on my journey.
  • Changes must be gradual. I would have set myself up to fail if I hadn’t taken such gradual steps. For example, if you’re consuming 3000 calories a day and cut your calories to 1500 a day to start this new diet you found on the internet, your body will hate you! Your body has adapted to consuming 3000 calories a day. Instead, make gradual changes such as creating a caloric deficit of 250 day. Give your body a chance to adapt! The cravings you once had will go away, if you give your body a chance to adapt! It gets easier with time.
  • Reevaluate every 2 weeks how your biofeedback is. How’s your mood? Energy? Sleep? Sex Drive? Your body will adjust to the nutrition plan in a couple of weeks. By the way, I’m not advocating a caloric restrictive diet. I’m using calories as just an example. Don’t forget to determine your daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. Your nutrition plan will change, as you continue to see progress.
  • Carbs aren’t the enemy! You can have your starchy carbs such as rice, potatoes, and yams. I love rice and yams. I have it daily without it derailing me from my goals. It’s about portion control and pairing your foods correctly with quality protein and fat.
  • Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. Choose foods that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be oat meal or egg whites if that’s not what you like. I’m not a fan of broccoli, however I enjoy other vegetables such as green beans and asparagus! I also like my Epicure seasoning to give my food some amazing flavour! I like food that tastes good!
  • Don’t complicate it. Start each day with a good quality breakfast. Strive to include a high-quality protein, carb, and fat in each meal. Watch your portion sizes. If you don’t like having breakfast, your metabolism may be out of alignment. Hunger response is an indicator of a properly functioning metabolism. It’ll take some time for your body to re-align. Patience is key!
  • Nutrition is not about depriving yourself. Why torture yourself! You can still enjoy your ‘cheats’ and treat meals as long as you have some consistency with your nutrition. For example, if you consume 4 meals a day. That’s 28 meals a week. If you cheated 2 times on your nutrition in a week, that’s less than 10% of your meals for the week. It won’t have much of an impact on your goals.
  • Yes, we’ve all heard it before. You can’t out exercise your nutrition. Instead, workout because you love your body. Use those cheat meals to fuel your workouts. Workout not to punish your body, but because you love your body!
  • Hydrate! Water intake is super important for an optimal metabolism.

Questions? Feel free to reach out! I also have three Nutrition Coaching appointment times available in the next week, if you would like to meet face to face for me to answer of your questions. I don’t bite!

My desire is to help and make an impact on you. It’s for complimentary as my way of giving back to my amazing community. I don’t like the word free, as it devalues it! =)

Have a great week and stay safe and warm out there!

Talk soon.

-Sammy Noh

P.S Let’s thank the snow plow drivers for their long hours spent to keep our roads safe! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Four Common Weight training Myths

Four Common Weight training Myths

Last weekend, our Head Trainer Francis, hosted our Weight Training Workshop. The workshop covered the importance of sets, reps, and tempo. Francis also debunked common fitness myths!

I wanted to share with you four common myths with weight training.

Myth #1-High reps will make you ‘toned’.

FACT-High reps train type 1-slow twitch muscle fibers. Marathon runners mainly utilize type 1 muscle fibers, while sprinters mainly utilize type 2-fast twitch muscle fibers. Can you see the distinction between the two examples? High reps help with improving endurance. If you’re frequently completing high reps of 20 TRX rows or a long duration of running, cycling or rowing, you’re really focusing on type 1 muscle fibers. Most bootcamps of 12 to 25+ participants and large group exercise programs, mainly focus on high reps, so it’s important to also complement these workouts with programs that focus on type 2 muscle fibers if you’re wanting to develop lean and ‘toned’ muscles.  For this reason, my personal training programs target both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers.

Myth #2- Weight Training Makes You Bulky

FACT- It takes hard work to even develop muscles. If you’re consuming an excess number of calories consuming the right macro nutrients, you will then have the potential to build ‘bigger’ muscles. It’s easier said than done. It’s harder especially for women to develop big muscles, as women do not have enough testosterone. Getting ‘bulky’ from weight training is the least of your concern.

Myth #3- Doing Crunches will Tone my Mid-section

By the way, crunches are a horrible exercise for the spine. The constant flexion of the spine with crunches can lead to back pain. The truth is, crunches alone do not tone the mid-section.  We’ve been lied to! Why? Selling the dream of getting a flat mid stomach with a gadget such as the ab roller sells on infomercials.

FACT- Abs are made in the kitchen. Fat and muscle are different layers. If your diet isn’t in check and you have a layer of adipose tissue covering your stomach, you won’t be able see those flat abs. By the way, when working your abs, don’t forget about strengthening your back as well. Hence working your core means you’re working both your abdominals and your lower back.

FACT – doing crunches will strengthen your abs but will not take the fat off your stomach.

FACT – doing 100,000 triceps exercises will NOT get rid of your “wings”

FACT – Combining resistance training with a healthy diet will help decrease body fat, build muscle, and improve metabolism.

Myth #4- Fat Turns into Muscle

Fat does not turn into muscle. Muscle also does not turn into fat. They are completely different tissues.

There you go! You now have an upper hand by understanding the truth behind common myths.

Want to learn the best weight training exercises for you and how to safely do them? Feel free to reach out. Happy to help!

-Sammy Noh

How Cardio Can Make You Fat

How Cardio Can Make You Fat

I had a few people email to ask questions on my recent posts on the drawbacks of cardio.

“I thought cardio was the best way to lose weight.” Short Answer: Helps with weight loss but is not the best way to lose weight.

“How does cardio make you fat?” Short Answer: Too much cardio can have detrimental effects. Detailed answer below.


By the way, I don’t have a hate on cardio. I think there are a lot of great benefits of cardio. I incorporate cardio into my workouts each week. However, cardio is commonly misunderstood. There’s far too much emphasis on cardio. Many believe cardio is the best way to lose weight.

Truth: It’s not! You’ve been lied to by Jane Fonda! Infomercials, social media, and magazines have manipulated your subconscious into believing that cardio is the solution…

Does cardio help with weight loss? Yes! But it’s not the end all and be all for fat loss.

We’ve all heard it before like a broken record… It’s all about the diet. You can’t out exercise your nutrition. So why do we even try?

It’s because cardio feels good! You feel the effects of cardio, immediately. It feels good to feel the sweat against your skin. By the way, sweating is your body’s ability to thermoregulate and cool down. Fat does not disappear through sweat. 😊 Another myth!

So, let’s get right into it. How does cardio make you fat?

Too Much Cardio + No Resistance Training + Poor Nutrition= Weight Gain

1) Yes, you’ll burn fat with cardio, but you’ll also burn muscle tissue, which can slow your metabolism down in the long-term. Did you know after the age of 30, we also lose about 10% of our lean tissue every 10 years? Lean muscles are great for metabolism!  Muscle burns more calories than fat.

2) Cardio causes a stress response by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone. Too much cardio can elevate cortisol levels preventing you from losing body fat. When cortisol levels are elevated, we also naturally crave carbohydrates and have increased hunger. This leads to overindulging in foods high in carbohydrates, which sets us back and leads to further weight gain. It’s common for many to justify that they can indulge in a cheat meal after an hour of intense cardio. It’ll take more than an hour of cardio to burn off that cheat meal. Why workout to punish your body? Workout to celebrate what your body can do and how far you’ve come? 😊

Too much cardio can aggravate your adrenal glands, elevate your cortisol levels and mess with your metabolism, which is not ideal for someone who is already under a lot of stress.

There are benefits of cardio of course. It’s good for your heart, circulation, stamina, and endurance. Some cardio is needed. If you’re doing cardio 5 to 6 days a week such as cycling, rowing, kickboxing, or ‘bootcamps’, we need to talk. We need to talk about recovery.

If you’re only doing cardio, I encourage you to incorporate some resistance training. Start with 2 to 3 days a week. Resistance training helps maintain and build lean muscle, which helps with burning fat. Resistance training also helps with improving your posture, strengthening your core, and alleviating pain. So why not kill multiple birds with one stone and get the most efficient use out of your time?

For the reasons above, our workouts are focused on resistance training to rev up your metabolism and to help you build lean muscle and lose weight. Repetitions and sets are important considerations.

Programs that incorporate high rep ranges utilizing only body weight exercises is cardio disguised as weight training.  Programs that incorporate high rep ranges utilizing only body weight exercises is cardio disguised as weight training.  If you’re doing over twenty TRX rows, you’re really doing cardio. If you want to tone and strengthen, ensure that you complete the proper rep range, sets, rest periods, and tempo.

Questions? I’m giving away 5 FREE Strategy Sessions to help you make it past January:

Have a blessed rest of your week!

-Sammy Noh

How Cardio, Stress, and Over-training Almost Ruined me…

How Cardio, Stress, and Over-training Almost Ruined me…

The year was 2017 in October. Previously, I had lost 45 pounds. I had been working out 6 days a week religiously for the past several months.

I remember waking up one day, feeling extremely worn out. I went to the gym and walked out within 10 minutes. I had no desire to lift weights. The following day, I went to my muay thai kickboxing workout. I lacked energy, motivation, and passion. I just went through the motions.  I was also craving carbohydrates all day like crazy!

I thought I was just getting older. 😛  I felt like this for weeks. It took months to recover. The energy was sucked right out of me. I was surprised.  Isn’t exercise and weight loss supposed to make you feel better? I thought I was the healthiest I had been in years…

I went to my physician and had some blood work done. I was diagnosed with ‘burn out’. I had adrenal fatigue.  My body had undergone a transformation and it needed to rest. It was begging me to rest.

Adrenal fatigue can occur with over-training, too much cardio, and stress.

I couldn’t sleep through the night. I’d frequently be wide awake at 2am, which is an indication that my cortisol levels were elevated. This also explained my massive cravings for carbohydrates.

Have you noticed when you’re stressed out, your body craves carbs? It’s a natural mechanism of your body to crave carbs, as your cortisol levels are elevated when stressed. Yes, desserts is stressed spelled backwards! Carbs lower cortisol levels leaving us to feel more relaxed…

Truthfully, I was stressed dealing with loss and grief and owning two growing businesses. My body was also stressed from training consistently for the past several months. My body was begging for recovery.

I contacted my coach to let her know about my diagnosis.  I still work with a personal trainer and nutrition coach to this day. She cut out all cardio. My resistance training workouts were cut to 3 days a week with recovery weeks of doing no exercise at all! I was also banned from doing cardio for months! But cardio feels so good! However, cardio can also aggravate your adrenal glands and do more damage than good…

I also had to increase my daily calorie intake, in order to feed my body and repair it. Up my calories? WHAT!? Long story short, I did as I was told. I had no desire to workout anyways. After a few months, my body started to heal…I definitely feel much better today!

5 Lessons I Learned and How It Can Help You:

  1. Listen to your body. Recovery is key. Assess your bio feedback. What’s the quality of your sleep? Stress levels? Sex drive? Energy levels?
  2. If you’ve been training 0 days a week for the last 5 years, start with 2 to 3. Slowly ramp up
  3. If you’ve been working out 6 days a week for the past several months, take a week off. After your recovery week, you’ll realize how much energy you have. Your performance will be greater. You’ll feel better!
  4. You can’t out exercise your nutrition. It’s a battle not worth fighting…😊
  5. Cardio sucks. Don’t get me wrong. It’s good for the heart and stamina. We like cardio cause it feels good once completed. The sweat feels amazing! I think there’s a purpose for cardio. However, too much cardio can also aggravate your adrenals causing more damaging affects on your body. Too much cardio can also lead to weight gain, which I’ll get into another time.  To put this into perspective, if you only had 2 hours a week for exercise, you’d get more return for your time and far better results with weight training and focusing on your nutrition, compared to doing 2 hours of cardio. If you’re kickboxing, cycling, running, or doing any sort of high intensity training 5 days a week, ensure you have time for your body to recover. If you’re only doing cardio, please message me! I encourage you to add resistance training.

If you’re wanting how to kick start or tune up your fitness and nutrition, registration for our 6 Week Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Program ends this Thursday. This program gives you the opportunity to work with a personal trainer and a nutrition coach. This is the exact program that has helped me with my transformation. Instead of getting a cookie cutter meal plan, you’ll also actually get to work with a nutrition coach to find a plan that works for you!

Learn more here:

Have a great rest of your week!

-Sammy Noh

I blame myself for this…The fitness industry is to blame…

I blame myself for this…The fitness industry is to blame…

It’s that time of the year again…

I also want to address a problem that many don’t talk about in the fitness industry. There’s talk in the fitness industry of how 92% fail their fitness goals by the end of January. It’s my fault. I hate this statistic. I want all of you to be successful whether you train with us or train somewhere else. I feel it’s the fitness industry’s fault for this alarming statistic.

I blame myself for this…The fitness industry is to blame…


Remember the show the Biggest Loser? By the way, that was a horrible show. Many of the contestants gained the weight back after.  I think it really hurt the fitness industry and hurt North America’s perception of fitness. It did a lot of damage on promoting an all or nothing approach.

Many trainers, including myself, have piggy backed off the Biggest Loser by offering weight loss challenges. It being the New Year, there’s an abundance of challenges out there with different levels of experience and support.

Some challenges are basic where you complete your initial weigh-in and final weigh-ins. Some offer more levels of support. Most challenges also give you a cookie cutter meal plan and wish you good luck. I feel this does more harm than good, and really sets people up to fail…

The goal of most challenges is typically to lose the most amount of weight in a set period, which I have mixed feelings about.

Having gone through the process of gaining and losing weight, I have a greater understanding of the frustrations some of you may have in trying to lose weight. We all want it fast and easy. I’ve been there and it’s still a day to day battle. I have my comfort foods too!


I hate and love challenges…. I think challenges are great because they get people motivated. However, there are some drawbacks too…

My Concerns for 21 day, 28 day, 6 week, 90 day Challenges

1) Having a Set start date and end date with Nutrition: Don’t get me wrong. Challenges are a great opportunity to kick start and motivate people to become active or help our current clients with reaching their goals. However, sometimes there’s this expectation to reverse 5, 10, or even 20+ years of inactivity in only 4 to 6 weeks.  It’s overwhelming to embark on a long-term fitness program especially if you haven’t been active for a while. 4 to 6 weeks is easier to commit to. I love challenges for that purpose, BUT fitness and nutrition realistically do not have a set start and end date. It’s horrible when you gain the weight back after a 21 day or 30 day challenge. Being healthy and fit is a 365 day challenge, a life long challenge, not just a 4 week or 6 week challenge.

2) Trying to Out-exercise Your Nutrition: I’m guilty of this! I tried to out exercise my nutrition. When I was 45 pounds heavier a couple of years ago, I was still working out 5 to 6 days a week. It really didn’t matter how many days a week I was working out, as my nutrition wasn’t dialed in. By the way, if you’ve been working out 0 days a week for the past year or several years, do not start working out 5 days a week! To go from 0 to 5 days a week is extreme! Your body will hate you… Start with 2 to 3 days a week. And remember to allocate time each week to plan your meals out!

3) Lots of Misinformation on Fitness and Nutrition: You’ll see the next fad diet in magazines, on tv, and/or on social media, which all claim to give spectacular results. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of them: Keto, intermittent, Atkins, South Beach, and so forth. Do they work? Yes! They work, but you have to be prepared to be on the ‘diet’ long term and perhaps lifelong, or you’ll gain the weight back.

Due to my my concerns for challenges, I went back to the drawing board….There’s no place out there offering this new hybrid program.

I’ve come up with our 6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Reset Program​.​ It’s more than just a challenge, that I’m calling it our non-challenge program.

I’ve combined our two main programs, personal training and nutrition coaching, in order to provide you with a complete body transformation program!

Having gone through my own transformation, I realized there was a missing link. I discovered Nutrition Coaching. This program has helped me lose over 45 pounds, and has also helped our clients see amazing long lasting results.

“The 6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Reset is a behavior modification program which includes developing habits to carry on through the year.”

This is the same program that has helped me lose weight and keep the weight off.

It also comes with a ton of education, support, accountability, and more!

We want you to be far more knowledgeable on nutrition than the average person. We want you to develop lifelong skills and see lifelong results.

You’ll receive weekly group nutrition coaching and the opportunity to work with our Nutrition Director, at a fraction of the cost of what she charges for 1-on-1 coaching. You’ll also work with a personal trainer in an intimate setting so that you receive interaction and attention from your personal trainer, as opposed to training in a large group of 12 to 25+ people. 😊

Registration ends next week on Thursday, January 17! Program Starts the Week of January 21st!

​Details here: 6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Reset Program

Sammy Noh

Chief Fun Officer

Bsc. Kinesiology

 (604) 996-1111

6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Reset Program Info​​

There’s something we need to talk about....

There’s something we need to talk about….

There’s something we need to talk about… It’s been bothering me….

The other day, I was working out at the local gym and overheard a conversation. Yes, I work out at my studios, but also workout at the local big box gym to take a break from work. 😊

There’s a common conversation that happens in the local gyms by ‘regular’ gym users this time around. “The gym is busy! I’m not able to get on my favourite piece of equipment without a lineup. But, I’m not worried. The gym will return back to normal by the end of January.”

I’m bothered by these comments. However, the sad reality is, there’s some truth to these comments. Sadly, I’ve seen this happen every year…

We offered a 6 Week Challenge last January. Challenge participants lost over 15 pounds. Some who only did the challenge, reached out to us months later mentioning that they had gained all the weight back and needed our help again. I was devastated they had gained the weight back.

Sadly, less than 8% stick to their health and fitness goals beyond January, without some sort of ongoing support. My mission is to change that. Yes, we’ll be launching a 6 Week Challenge this month, but it’s not like any other challenge. We’re combining our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching program together. There’s no other fitness program out there doing that. BTW, giving a cookie cutter meal plan, isn’t nutrition coaching.

My goal is for all our clients to be successful long term, whether they train with us on our lifestyle program, or train with us for the interim. I entered the fitness industry to help people and make an impact.

I get it…It’s hard to get started especially when you’ve been inactive for 2, 5, or even 10+years…. 

If you’re struggling to get started and wanting to lose 20, 30, or 40+ pounds, I understand how you may be feeling. I gained over 45 pounds the past few years and lost over 50 pounds and have kept it off. It initially felt like a huge mountain to climb, to lose all the weight that I had gained…

I’ve done fad diets, detoxes, and every nutrition plan out there. I’ve done every workout you can imagine.  I’ve been that New Year’s Resolution client. I’ve tried the ‘NEW YEAR, NEW YOU’ B.S. I’ve tried working out 6 days a week, twice in a day. It didn’t last very long.

Although I’ve been a personal trainer for over 15 years helping many Tri-Cities residents with their own fitness and health goals, I let myself go dealing with grief and anxiety over the disappearance of my father. With two growing studios, I also made little time for myself, but made time for everyone else.

I’ll admit, I felt defeated when the scale hit 218 pounds. I went from 170 pounds to 218 over the course of a few years. As I gained weight, I started to develop knee, lower back, and neck pain. I started to snore.  I had low energy and needed energy drinks to get through the day.

I hit a breaking point…

I made the change. I hired a nutrition coach and a personal trainer. Sure, I have the knowledge on fitness and nutrition. I even have degree in kinesiology. But even coaches, need coaches. In hiring a coach, I was able to make the change. I lost 50 pounds and still work with my coach for the past 2 years.

It’s an important investment in my health.  Now, I have more energy. I can sleep through the night. My anxiety and stress levels are at an all-time low. Better yet, I’m pain free! No more knee, lower back, and neck pain!

Better yet, I have a greater understanding of our clients and what you may be going through. I’m pumped to change the fitness industry and make an impact.

If you’re struggling with getting started with your fitness and health goals, I’m here for you. I’m here to serve you and my community!

Come and see me and let me help you get started. I’m offering 10 Free Strategy Sessions. I usually charge $97 for Strategy Sessions. Book your appointment here:


-Sammy Noh

Post Christmas Binge...

Post Christmas Binge…

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! I had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with my family and ate more than I usually do.

I have another family dinner coming up tonight. I admit, the thought of manipulating my nutrition crossed my mind today. Perhaps, I’ll have less carbs and starve myself today. No, I’m not going to manipulate my nutrition today. I’m going to stick with what’s on my nutrition plan…My nutrition plan actually allows for such indulgences.

Have you thought about starving yourself after binge eating? It may seem logical to do so, but why torture yourself? You’ll be absolute miserable for the day! One day of ‘starving’, isn’t going to do much to get you to your goals.

👉The reality is, you’re already on a nutrition plan. You’re either on a weight gain, weight loss, or maintenance plan. Sure, it may be unintentional and some of you may be consciously unaware what plan you’re on. However, your body has already determined what plan you’re on, based on the choices you made with food the past 30 to 90+ days. If you’re on a weight loss plan for the past 30 to 90+ days, one day of binge eating isn’t going to derail you, as long as you continue with your ‘regular’ eating regime…

My ‘binge’ eating yesterday, made me think…Come January, many will be pursuing health and fitness goals. I’m actually frustrated for January for the fitness industry…I’m not trying to knock anyone’s aspirations of getting healthy and fit. I see January as a great opportunity to help many people with their health and fitness goals. Actually, February is when personal trainers get really busy….

I do not want you to be a common January statistic by giving up by week 3.  I see it happen every year. We offered a weight loss challenge last January. Many clients saw great results losing over 15 pounds! Some who only did the challenge reached out to me a few months later, to let me know they gained the weight back months after. This really bothered me. It also hits close to home…

I’ve learned many lessons being in the fitness industry over 15 years and personally gaining over 45 pounds a couple of years ago. What’s the point of losing it, and then gaining it back? I definitely understand the struggles of trying to lose weight, when your time is so limited to focus on yourself…

We all want it quick and easy. Realistically, it took years or months for some of you to gain this weight. So how do you expect to lose it in short a short period of time and keep it off?

With my professional and personal experience, I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you conquer January and the rest of the year!

5 Tips to Avoid Becoming Part of a Common January Statistic

  1. If you’re working out 0 days a week for the past few months or few years, do not go from working out 0 to 6 days a week in January. Start with 2 to 3 days a week with adequate rest and recovery. Space it out! Eg. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Don’t forget spending time to also plan your nutrition. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it before. You can’t out-train your nutrition. Don’t even dare trying! Ask yourself, how many days a week can you be consistent for the next 90 days? If it’s 2, then stick with 2. Even 30 minute workouts are suffice.
  2. Challenges are very popular this time around. If you join a weight loss or fitness challenge such as a 21 day, 28 day, 6 week or 90 day challenge, remember that nutrition and fitness do not have a set start and end date. I’ll be offering a challenge too, Our challenge will be very well planned and thought out so that you see results not only during the challenge, but also beyond the challenge.
  3. Ensure you have the support, tools, and accountability. Hire a fitness pro. Would you use google to learn how to fix your roof or your own teeth? 🙂 Keep in mind a ‘gym membership’ and working with a ‘coach’ are two different things.  A gym membership gives you access to rent and use equipment. A coach provides you with tools, support, and accountability to help you reach your goals!
  4. Incorporate weight training into your workout instead of focusing on only cardio. There are benefits of cardio. What if I told you, you can reach your weight loss goals, without doing a single bout of cardio? Too much cardio can actually make you fat. I’ll get into that another time. Cardio can also aggravate your adrenals. If you think cardio is the best way to lose weight, please reach out. I’d love to help you start on the right foot.
  5. Find the right fitness program for you. Be careful of which fitness program you choose. The fitness industry offers either ‘personal training’ or ‘bootcamp, or something in between. As the groups get larger, personalized interaction and instruction diminishes and the chances of seeing results can also diminish. Larger groups also focus more on ‘cardio’ rather than ‘weight’ training. Choose a program that keeps your goals, injuries, and needs in mind.

If you want to finally reach your fitness and health goals, I’ll help you determine your first action steps. Feel free to email, call, or even book a Free Strategy Session: My mission is to help people with their fitness and health goals! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

-Sammy Noh

Celebrating 10 Years! Thank you!

Celebrating 10 Years! Thank you!

Since December 18, 2013…

It’s been 10 years today, since I filled out my application online to create Eagle Ridge Fitness. I remember the fear, the excitement, and the uncertainty I felt while filling out that application.

At the time, I had just left my job at a big box gym. I was burnt out training early mornings and evenings. When you’re a trainer working 60 hours a week, you’re really getting paid for 40 hours. Trainers are based on appointments. I also had a hard time charging clients for late cancellations…

I was at a crossroads. I dreamed of having a job working 8am to 5pm. I contemplated entering the finance industry to get a desk job. I had a job interview lined up with the bank.

I knew I wouldn’t be happy with a desk job, so I cancelled my interview. I found fulfillment training clients and making an impact on people. It’s what got me up every morning. I gave it another shot by opening shop in my parent’s garage.  My whole venture was funded with a credit card, as I was paying off student loads. I thought if I build it, they will come. Nope! I had very few clients when I started. I also didn’t realize how much work this would take.

I quickly learned that I had to hustle, like I’ve never hustled before. I had to get out of my comfort zone, if I wanted to change my status quo.  I had to do presentations, go out there and network, and pick up the phone.

My life at the time revolved around building my business. I had a vision and a mission to accomplish.  After 2 years training out of the garage and renting space at a martial arts school, I went commercial. We’ve been in Port Moody ever since. We also have our Poco location which started 4 years ago.

I’m truly grateful for everyone’s support. The last 10 years has been quite the journey. As an entrepreneur, you have days when you think your business is dying, and then days when you think it’s growing. It goes back and forth.

It’s been a difficult journey, but a very fulfilling journey. Like most businesses, we almost went out of business at year 3 and year 5. I wanted to throw in the towel numerous times. I’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way. I find fulfillment when clients have a great experience and experience great results. I also find fulfillment growing staff and creating new positions in my company. I’ve learned to embrace change and embrace the journey.

Even after 10 years, I’m still hustling. It’s so worth it, because of the lives I get to impact.  We’re still in business and still growing because of our amazing clients and staff, and because we continue to learn and evolve. I have experienced many paradigm shifts in order to continue to grow. Investing in personal development has been essential to my growth personally and professionally.

I can’t imagine doing anything else. My purpose is to make an impact on my community through health and wellness. I’m destined to do this. I’m blessed that I’m still here and that Eagle Ridge Fitness is still here to serve you.

If not the longest, we’re grateful to be one of the longest standing personal training studios in the Tri-Cities’. It’s due to your amazing support! I look forward to the next 10 years!

If you have any health and fitness goals that I can help you with, feel free to reach out! I’d like to help you with your journey.

-Sammy Noh

Should I do Cardio or Weight Training?

Should I do Cardio or Weight Training?

I get this question all the time.

It depends on your goals. Let’s say weight loss is your goal…

The easiest solution is to do both. However, you may be a busy mom or dad working long hours with very little time for yourself. After work, you’re having to run errands and drive your kids from one activity to another.

Doing any exercise is of course better than nothing. However, don’t we all want to maximize our time and use it most efficiently, especially if you have very little time for yourself?

By investing the right time in the gym, you’ll have more energy to accomplish your daily tasks. You’ll also be able to sleep better! You’ll be able to see some amazing results!

Come January, the gyms will be flooded. Many will be doing cardio to lose weight. Yes, cardio does burn calories and fat. However, have you noticed that ‘fitter looking’ people lift weights? =)

Don’t get me wrong. Cardio is great for the heart! Cardio improves endurance, stamina, and circulation. There are a lot of benefits of cardio! Cardio feels good! So does weight training, if done properly… Cardio can also make you fat and agitate your adrenal glands, which I’ll get into another time.

Weight training if done properly, will give you the best return for your time. You’ll see better results. You’ll alleviate pain, correct postural imbalances, and improve your metabolism with more muscle..  Of course, your nutrition must be dialed in. 😊 You could even superset your weight training exercises to get your heart rate up to work on your cardio! Yup, you can kill two birds with one stone.

So how many days a week should you train? The question is how many days a week can YOU be consistent for the next 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and for the rest of the year? The key is consistency…30 to 45 minutes is suffice. Yup, that’s all you need. My own workouts also range from 30 to 45 minutes. It’s not about how many hours you spend in the gym.

If you’re currently inactive, start with 2x/week. Do not go from 0 days a week to 5 days a week. You’ll fail by week 3 and sadly become a January gym statistic…You can’t out-train your nutrition. Trust me. I’ve tried and failed miserably!

Ideally, start with 2 to 3x/week. 2 days of week of weights, 1 day a week of planning your meals. As you progress, start progress to 3x/week, 1 day of planning your meals. Yes, don’t forget to plan your meals. 😊

Let me know how I can help!

-Sammy Noh

If you would like to experience weight training, we’re hosting our Food Bank Charity Workout this Saturday, December 15 at 10:45am at our Port Moody location! By donation: suggested minimum $10 or equivalent in food.  Just reply if you would like to come. Everyone is welcome! 😊

Boy, did I cheat…

Boy, did I cheat…

Last Friday, my wife and I woke up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. We went to Phoenix to attend a mastermind for our nutrition coaching program, to learn from the best nutrition coaches in the industry.

The night before, I didn’t get much sleep. I was up the night before making last minute preparations before we went on our trip.  On Friday, I woke up irritable, fatigued, craving carbohydrates all day. I cheated on my nutrition and had chips, candy bars, and ice cream throughout the day…

TWIX is my favourite chocolate bar. It’s literally my Kyptonite. The cravings were intense! You see, ‘desserts’ is ‘stressed’ spelt backwards. 😛 When you’re stressed or have a lack of sleep, your ‘cortisol’ levels elevate. It’s a natural mechanism for your body to crave carbohydrates. Sure, you can say, that I gave in and had a lack of will power.  It’s not all about will power. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do afterwards….

I woke up the next day, on Saturday, feeling ‘hung over’, from the ‘binge eating’ the day before. I could have beat myself up for eating crap the day before. Honestly, I woke up discouraged. I felt like I failed.  I felt I had to completely manipulate my nutrition plan for the next few days and deprive myself of carbs, in order to compensate for the day before.

Have you done that before? Have you dropped the ball on your diet, and so you decide to starve yourself the next day? I think we’ve all been there. I was about to fall in that trap.

I messaged my nutrition coach that morning to ask her that very question. I knew the answer, but I needed affirmation and support. Yup, I have a nutrition coach and personal trainer. Even coaches need coaches.  She responded, ‘get back on the plan’, the body will adjust back to the plan.

You see, I didn’t mention what my nutrition is like on a typical basis. Prior to Friday, I’ve been on a nutrition plan. I have goals that I want to achieve.  If you’ve been following my journey, I gained over 40 pounds, but ended up losing over 50 pounds. I have kept the weight off. My nutrition isn’t perfect, but I have a plan on how many macro-nutrients (carbs, fats, protein) I need to hit in a day and in a week, in order to stay on track with my goals. It’s not perfect. I can enjoy indulgences each week whether it be pizza, hamburgers, or chocolate, and so can you!

I’m not on a deprivation ‘diet’. I eat carbs, fats, and protein throughout the day. I even rarely do cardio. It’s not all about cardio or spending hours in the gym. Too much cardio or doing high intensity training frequently can derail your goals. I’ll get into that another day.  I workout 4 days a week for about 45 minutes each. I’m on a nutrition plan that doesn’t have a set start date and set end date.  I have hiccups along the way. After I fall, I get back up and get back on track. This is a lifelong journey.

Here’s What I’ve Learned throughout my Weight Gain and Weight Loss Journey

  1. Plan your meals. Know what you’re going to eat for the day, instead of randomly choosing meals, especially when you’re hungry
  2. Forget the detox, and fad diets. Do they work? Yes, they do! BUT, you have to be prepared to be on it long term or you’ll go back to the status quo once you’re off the ‘diet’. Whatever ‘diet’ you’re doing, it must be sustainable. Realistically, it took months to gain this weight. It’s going to take longer than 6 weeks to lose and KEEP this weight off.
  3. Don’t be that person who loses and gains all the weight back after doing a 6 week challenge. Nutrition does not have a set start date and end date
  4. If you’re consuming 4,000 calories in a day, don’t cut your calories to 2,000. By the way, it’s not all about calories, either! Instead, make small incremental changes. Be consistent.

What’s the most difficult part that you struggle with when it comes to nutrition? Let me know. Happy to help!

Sammy Noh