How Coquitlam Personal Trainer Lost 60 Pounds

Nutrition is often misunderstood and can be confusing. To be completely honest, I never really had a grasp on nutrition until I started working with a nutrition coach for the past 3.5 years. Personal trainers do not specialize in nutrition. Thus, Laurie and I have also spent the last few years investing in nutrition certifications, […]

Common Questions on Fitness and Nutrition. Answers by Port Moody Personal Trainer Sam Noh

Should I do keto? Do I need to eat a salad to lose weight? Can you send me a copy of your meal plan? Do shakes help with weight loss. Is cardio the best way to lose fat? Do I do high reps in the gym to lose weight? I’ve heard it all. There’s a […]

The Over Weight Personal Trainer

Nutrition is very confusing. You log in on Facebook and you see your friend is going on the Keto diet, the Detox diet, or the Grapefruit client. It can all be quite overwhelming. Do any of these diets even work? Whichever ‘diet’ you choose, be prepared to do it for the long haul. After all, […]

Celebrating 11 Years! Founded on December 18, 2008. Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating 11 Years! Founded on December 18, 2008 It’s been quite the ride! It’s been quite the hustle. I’m still hustling! I have learned to embrace the journey.  I started off training crazy hours every week, typically working split shifts. Working early mornings and late evenings used to be the norm. In my […]

I finished my advent calendar in 2 days! Plus, my Four Strategies that I personally use in order to Survive the Holidays!

This year, my Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar only made it to December 2. 🙄  My kryptonite is chocolate. 😛 The good news is, after my chocolate feast, I was back on track the next day and haven’t had any chocolate ever since. Judge me if you like. However, there’s a lesson to be learned here. […]

“I can’t do that. Life must be so boring…” Ignore the Naysayers!

The other day, a client mentioned that a close friend of hers made a remark that she wouldn’t last on her new weight loss journey. Have you heard this before? “It’s not sustainable.” When you embark on a healthy journey, people are generally supportive. However, there will be naysayers who’ll make comments such as, “I […]

Life without Alcohol for Tri-Cities’ Personal Trainer…

It’s been 1 year since I’ve had my last drop of alcohol. What an amazing year! I forgot what life was like alcohol free. I feel awesome! A year ago, I joined the 30-Day Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace, because I felt I needed change. Alcohol has always been part of my life, since young […]

Can you send me a copy of your meal plan?

Can you send me a copy of your meal plan? I get asked quite often from friends and family. They’ve seen my transformation of gaining 48 pounds, and then losing 60 pounds. People are naturally curious what I’m eating.  Yes, I’m not proud to admit that I’m a personal trainer who was once 218 pounds…However, […]

I’m too old for this!

“I’m too old for this! What if I get knocked out? I have to go to work the next day”. These were the first thoughts that entered my head once the bell went off for my first kickboxing match after a 21 year hiatus. Training in martial arts has been off and on over the […]