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–Fitness is the most important term buzzing in the COVID era in every individual’s mind in Coquitlam. Fitness is the most significant and valuable characteristic cherished by people to lead a sustainable life. To achieve this gym plays a crucial role. As per the study of WHO, Fitness freaks live more than individuals who don’t exercise. So if you are planning to visit the gym, we at Eagle Ridge Fitness advise you to hire a personal trainer.

Generally, many fitness enthusiasts complain of not getting proper muscles after hours of exercise, pushup, and weight lifting in the Gym. Below are some benefits of hiring a personal trainer at Eagle Ridge Fitness Gym.

  • Personal Trainers will evaluate your present exercise routine. If required the trainer will make some positive changes in workouts.
  • The Trainer will understand the goal of your exercise ie whether you are looking to lose weight or you want to increase the weight.
  • A proper Counselling session with the trainer will suggest to workout with beneficial equipment of the gym.
  • He will assign weekly and monthly goals and monitor the same.
  • In the gym spending hours is not important but doing the right weight lifting and correct exercise in proper guidance is important.
  • It is normal to get bored by following the same workout daily. Here the trainer will quickly analyze the body language and suggest some fresh workout to uplift the enthusiasm.
  • Innovation and technology up-gradation is the part of Eagle Ridge Fitness gym. Exercise on new equipment is to be done under the proper guidance of the Trainer. If the individual tries new equipment of his own he may get injured. The personal trainer guides the proper procedure to be followed.
  • The personal trainer will plan a proper diet chart that having the right mix of proper calorie intake. In Eagle Ridge Fitness gym the trainers plan a working diet chart so that individuals can stick and complete.


Eagle ridge fitness gym in the Coquitlam is the most desired gym when it comes to the result-oriented training. All the professional trainers are certified from reputed institutes. Most of the Personal trainers in our gym are having more than 25 years of experience. We have many qualified trainers that are specifically assigned if an individual has any medical ailment. We have different workouts for heart patients in which trainers assign healthy cardiovascular exercise. Arthritis patients are not advised to lift heavy equipment while they are suggested to do maximum stretching, cycling that builds strength and keeps the joint movement smooth.

Due to social distancing and government norms, we are offering only limited entries in the gym. So book your slot Now.

Testimonial Picture of Margaret H. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Margaret H. (2)
“The entire experience has been life changing”

I just wanted to send a note to say Thank you.

Thank you for helping me restore my self confidence. Thank you for helping make me stronger. Thank you for helping make me healthier. Thank you for making me feel welcome in the gym.

I’ve made new friends…which I think I will have for the rest of my life. The entire experience has been life changing on both a physical and mental level.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Margaret H.
Testimonial Picture of Clémence M (1)
Testimonial Picture of Clémence M (2)
“Clémence has lost 60 lbs so far!”

I went to community centers, gym, I tired that you know Zumba classes and what not but, it’s all the same. It feels like a community here, like very friendly, very dedicated and they’ll be by you on your journey and they’re really there to help you and it’s very good, very friendly environment with lots of clients that dedicate early on, it feels like so inspiring, you know, it makes you want to come back week after week

I lost almost 50 pounds, 47.4 I think to be exact. I feel great, really good, my back is no longer painful. I can go for walks everyday you know with my daughter. I feel great, I feel very good.

Clémence M

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