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Improve Your Fitness Safely And Rapidly With Coquitlam Personal Training Help


You may love going to the gym or be at the other end of the spectrum and dread even hearing the word workout. Either way, you can benefit from Coquitlam personal training help. For those who adore a good workout, a Coquitlam personal trainer can aid you in creating a challenging personal program that changes as you develop. For the others, which may include most of the people in the world, using a personal trainer can help with motivation, as well as create a program you’ll enjoy.

The body is an amazing tool when you use it properly. It heals itself and even gets stronger the more you work it. However, if you don’t have an adequate workout program, either you’ll make very little headway or you’ll try to do too much too soon and develop injuries or great disdain for exercise. One reason people hire the service of a personal trainer is to keep them spot on making headway to a physically fit body. A personal trainer does so much to insure you have a successful exercise experience.

Personal trainers provide motivation, particularly when you can find any. Many people feel excitement and firm resolve when they first get their gym membership. They may attend the gym every day or several times a week. Of course, then the achy muscles set in or outside interests cause them to miss a night or two. Before long, the gym is only a memory of what might have been. A personal trainer can provide that extra motivation to keep you going for the duration. Whether the trainer offers verbal encouragement or the meeting creates a sense of obligation to encourage your attendance, the trainer can help you overcome those bumps in the road that make you quit exercising.

The Coquitlam personal trainer understands the physiology of your body and can create a program designed to maximize your benefits without causing potential injury to your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Anyone that has had injuries from any type of injury or exercise, whether it’s team sports or individual exercise, understands that reinjury is a possibility and can set back their exercise program for months. Personal trainers assess your strengths and weaknesses. The trainer then establishes a program that insures you build your physique in a manner that maximizes your development, but minimizes the potential for injury.

A personal trainer can teach you the right way to use the gym equipment and proceed through the excise regimen. Sometimes, simple differences make a huge difference when it comes to getting beneficial results from an exercise routine. Knowing when and how to breathe through a group of exercises can make the difference between successfully exercising specific groups and lack of results or even injury. Knowing the right technique is important and a personal trainer in Coquitlam can help.

You’ll find that the Coquitlam personal training services can help you get in shape faster, create realistic goals and continue to exercise at points where you’d normally quit. For those with medical conditions, simply attending a gym without the aid of a professional is similar to taking medications without knowing the proper dosage. Coquitlam personal trainers can help you find the healthiest way down the road to fitness.


Testimonial Picture of Jenny A. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jenny A. (2)
“I have lost and maintained over 50 lbs”

I came into ERF on a whim one day completely terrified of what I might face as health and fitness was not my favorite subject. I was very self conscious about starting an exercise program as I was very out of shape. From when I first walked in to ERF I felt welcomed and my self consciousness faded away. That was 3 years ago now and I have lost and maintained over 50 lbs and continue to grow stronger every workout. The staff are awesome, supportive, friendly and very motivating. Highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength or just feel great!!

Jenny A.
Testimonial Picture of Jan M. (2)
“I lost 26 pounds!”

Somehow I found myself 40 lbs overweight and nearing my 50th birthday. In the past I had tried various gyms but with disastrous results. The “trainers” had little or no experience working with clients such as myself with chronic back issues. In the past couple of years I ended up with a very bad case of Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot and tendonitis in my right shoulder. I wanted desperately to lose weight and be pain free, but was very leery of working with someone inexperienced. For that reason I sought out a trainer with a Kinesiology degree. That way I could be confident they understood the issues I had.

I met Sam and he worked with me over the next 5-6 months on various programs always altering as we went along to accommodate my injuries. I lost 26lbs, toned my body and although I am not completely pain free, I have been able to eliminate my pain medication.

Through my recommendation, my friend also started to work with Sam and her results have been great as well!

I have been extremely pleased with the results I got training with Sam and thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.

Jan M.


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