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“Coquitlam Personal Trainer Says You don’t Need a Gym Membership”



What Coquitlam Fitness Gyms, Health Clubs, and Fitness Centers Don’t Want You to Know About

Dear Friend,
Hi I’m Sam Noh, personal trainer in coquitlam, and have seen firsthand what goes on behind the scenes in the fitness world. Quite frankly I’m quite disappointed and feel that I have a duty to inform you, on how some of these Vancouver and Coquitlam health clubs operate.

I congratulate you for making the decision to become active. However, before you join any Coquitlam gym, health club, or fitness center, please read the following 5 Insider Truths and Secrets.

“9 out of 10 people that sign up for a gym membership don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.”

Coquitlam Fitness Gyms and Health Clubs Secret #1 – If you don’t go, you still pay. Yes, you will be locked in a 1 or 2 year contract.

About 90% of members that sign up, use their membership frequently only for the first 3 months. Attendance starts to fade from the day you sign up. Like most Coquitlam fitness gym members, you might use your membership a month here and a month there. Coquitlam gyms are always crowded in January, but become pretty empty once March comes around. The gyms and health clubs know that if they sign you up for a 1 or 2 year gym membership, you won’t use it on a regular basis. Statistics show that this is unfortunately true for most gym users. Sometimes months will go by when you may never or seldom visit the gym. The sad part is you’ll still be paying for a gym membership that you never use. If everyone showed up the fire marshal would instantly shut down the club. Coquitlam health clubs know that this would never happen. Ask the gym yourself. Ask them how many members they have, and how many actually use their gym.

Coquitlam Fitness Health Clubs Dirty Secret #2 –“We are certified in sales and not fitness.”

These so called “fitness consultants” are actually skilled sales people. Having a fitness certification is NOT mandatory. Most fitness consultants have no fitness certification, but were hired for their sales skills and interpersonal skills.

Be careful. These so called “fitness consultants” will confuse you with initiation dues and fees that don’t make sense. Employees of Coquitlam health clubs and gyms are hit hard with pressure from their superiors to hit their goals. This pressure is put on you to lock you into a gym membership. Coquitlam fitness gyms use sales tactics that car dealers use. If they can’t close you, sometimes they will hand you over to a sales manager who has a high closing percentage. They’ll then use high pressure sales to make you look like a fool for not signing up. There’s nothing wrong with telling them, “No. This isn’t for me”.

Coquitlam Fitness Health Clubs Secret #3 – It’s all about machines! NOT.

Just like anything else, exercise has evolved. Machines are easy to use, but are horrible for training the body and getting you results. Machines isolate only a single muscle group. The body works in functional movement patterns, using muscles in synergy. Don’t be fooled by fancy equipment and number of pieces of equipment a gym has. Sometimes Coquitlam gyms will create the impression that having a variety of equipment is the “magic bullet” for your fitness goals. The more equipment a gym has, doesn’t necessary mean the better results you’ll see. What matters more is what you do with the equipment, what you eat, and how you train. Our clients have lost up to 40lbs by just using dumbbells at home, and following our unique fitness and nutrition program.

Coquitlam Fitness Health Club and Gym Secret #4 – Will give you a free personal training session, disguised as a hardcore sales pitch consultation.

After you’ve signed on the line for a membership, Coquitlam gyms will try to sell you again by giving you a free personal training session. This is actually a hard pitch sales consultation, rather than an actual personal training session. They’ll set you up with someone that has a high sales closing percentage, to pressure you into signing up with a personal trainer. Choose wisely. Ask for the personal trainer’s credentials, experience, and what type of clients they like to work with. Beware; sometimes trainers are in the progress of obtaining their certification. Ask for a Coquitlam personal trainer that is fully certified, and that has a track record of delivering results.

Coquitlam Fitness Health Clubs Secret #5 – Trainers at Coquitlam health clubs are new and have no idea on how to get you to your goals.

It takes less than 4 months to become a certified personal trainer usually by taking a few weekend courses. Due to the high demand for fitness, the gate is wide open for anyone to be a certified personal trainer. Coquitlam health clubs pay a step above minimum wage, attracting young and inexperienced personal trainers. Yet they’ll charge you $60 to $100 for a personal training session, while the health club profits substantially.

Don’t fall for these gimmicks by Coquitlam health clubs and gyms. Go for an experienced and qualified Coquitlam personal trainer that guarantees results.

Eagle Ridge Fitness is a Coquitlam and Tri-Cities’ Body Transformation Program that has helped many everyday people find a solution for their fitness goals and weight loss problems, all at affordable rates. Because of our semi-private training model, we can pass the savings onto you.

    • We won’t try to hard sell you. We will give you rates up front on the phone and answer any of your questions in detail, so that there are no surprises. You can also get a free “test drive” workout to see if we are a mutual fit.
    • It bugs the heck out of us if you don’t show up for your workouts. We’ll be following up with you if you miss workouts. We find that by becoming our client, you represent us. Thus we want you to say great things about us and see great results!
    • The workout doesn’t stop after each session. If you’re ok with this, we will constantly email, text you, and call you to check up on you and make sure you’re sticking to your program. We also give you free access to our resources such as our recipe library to help you with your fitness and health makeover.
    • We are locally owned and operated without an elaborate pyramid structure, and have a pro-active approach to promoting health and wellness in our community.
    • Our trainers and coaches are experienced and mentored by Sam Noh. Sam has a degree in Kinesiology and has helped over 187 Coquitlam and Tri City residents lose weight and tone up.

We are not a gym.  
Definition of a gym: A gym is where you rent access to equipment.


We are a body transformation program.
We give you the tools to transform your body and health and hold you accountable.

















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Testimonial Picture of Jenny A. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jenny A. (2)
“I have lost and maintained over 50 lbs”

I came into ERF on a whim one day completely terrified of what I might face as health and fitness was not my favorite subject. I was very self conscious about starting an exercise program as I was very out of shape. From when I first walked in to ERF I felt welcomed and my self consciousness faded away. That was 3 years ago now and I have lost and maintained over 50 lbs and continue to grow stronger every workout. The staff are awesome, supportive, friendly and very motivating. Highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength or just feel great!!

Jenny A.
Testimonial Picture of Christina S. (2)
“I look and feel great in my new bikini”

Having been a competitive figure skater I had been in great physical shape all my life, without having to think about it. When I hit my mid 30’s I was starting to gain weight and was not able to develop an effective plan to take the weight off and get back into shape. I was concerned that a program lifting weights would over-develop my muscles and I would end up looking mannish. I‘m now 43 and have regained my strength, tone and definition – my arms (including what used to be “bat-wings” have never looked better! I feel better than I have in years and it is in a large part due to my work with Sam! I’ve been able to incinerate inches and fat off my problem areas. I toned my hips, butt, and inner thighs. I look and feel great in my new bikini.

Christina S.

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