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When I’m listing great places to work out in Port Coquitlam, I must include our gym. Eagle Ridge Fitness provides a welcoming vibe that you’ll feel the minute you walk through the door. There’s a lot of comradery between participants and staff that will make you feel right at home the minute you arrive. Of course, our methods are superior and we provide the highest quality training that gives fast results based on your needs, level of fitness and goals, while still maintaining safety. We also help you with learning how to eat healthier without spending a fortune.

Go for a swim for a good workout and use some aquatic exercises to build stamina and strength.

Working out in a pool won’t make you sweat, but if it should, you won’t ever notice it. There are a number of public pools in the area, including the Robert Hope outdoor pool and the Centennial Pool that are relatively inexpensive for a day pass and even cheaper if you buy a season pass. The problem is that many can’t provide a year around alternative to the gym. One alternative is the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre indoor pool or going to the nearby City Centre Aquatic Complex in Coquitlam when outdoor pools are closed. The cost of a day pass for Hyde Creek was $6.20 at this writing.

Get busy to music.

Whether you’re gardening, doing yard work, cleaning house or doing a home project, you can turn it into a workout with the help of a little music. Put those earbuds in and boogie your way to fitness while you get your chores completed in the process. It’s a great way to fill in the gaps between gym days and you’ll be proud of how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the day. Both your home and your body will look better when you do this with regularity. It also makes the work more fun and helps you get the task done faster. No waltzes or romantic slow songs allowed.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Staying active isn’t just for the gym, it’s for every part of your life. Enjoy it. Whether you choose to run, walk or ride a bike in the park, you’ll get a great workout. You can even do some lunges and squats while you’re there. I have two favourites that I’m sure you’ll love as well. Traboulay Poco trail and Colony Farm Regional Park are both beautiful and ideal for biking, hiking and outdoor enjoyment. They provide a tranquil area where you can also see lots of wildlife.

> Add to your workout by taking the stairs and parking further away from the store. There’s no need to wait for an elevator or endlessly circle the lot wasting gas. You’ll burn calories and build muscles by doing these two things.

> You’ll be more apt to show up for a workout when you have a set time. That’s why we schedule your workout for a specific time and date. If you’re working out anywhere else do it with a friend, so it becomes more of an appointment.

> Use the facilities of the city and the many programs they offer. They have something for everyone in the city program.

Grow a garden and use it as exercise. Avoid chemicals and pesticides to produce organic vegetables. You’ll get healthy eating, good exercise and a feeling of accomplishment from it.

Testimonial Picture of Jan M. (2)
“I lost 26 pounds!”

Somehow I found myself 40 lbs overweight and nearing my 50th birthday. In the past I had tried various gyms but with disastrous results. The “trainers” had little or no experience working with clients such as myself with chronic back issues. In the past couple of years I ended up with a very bad case of Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot and tendonitis in my right shoulder. I wanted desperately to lose weight and be pain free, but was very leery of working with someone inexperienced. For that reason I sought out a trainer with a Kinesiology degree. That way I could be confident they understood the issues I had.

I met Sam and he worked with me over the next 5-6 months on various programs always altering as we went along to accommodate my injuries. I lost 26lbs, toned my body and although I am not completely pain free, I have been able to eliminate my pain medication.

Through my recommendation, my friend also started to work with Sam and her results have been great as well!

I have been extremely pleased with the results I got training with Sam and thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.

Jan M.
Testimonial Picture of Jenny V. (2)
“Sam delivers results...”

As Sam’s former colleague, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformations of many of Sam’s clients. Sam delivers results and is a leader in the fitness industry. He has a contagious passion for helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. I highly recommend Sam if you’re serious about getting incredible results!

Jenny V.
Owner of Vandyfit, Personal Trainer, & Fitness Athlete

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