Personal training

Personal training



The Sustainable Method Of Weight Loss And Fitness

Eagle Ridge Fitness knows that your physical fitness needs to be supplemented with healthy nutrition to get the results you want. We show you how to fit healthy habits into your day-to-day life so that you have lasting results! We have over 28 years of combined experience helping people just like YOU!

A Personal Trainer Is The Solution You Need

Are you an active adult who knows the results they want but has difficulty keeping them? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works? Have you had trouble finding the time to focus on your fitness?

This is because healthy habits like nutrition and exercise need to be a fit for your daily lifestyle. If they aren’t incorporated then they’re difficult to maintain.

At Eagle Ridge Fitness we give you the solution to implementing these healthy habits into your daily routine so that you can get the best results.

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Why Eagle Ridge Fitness?

We’re the only facility that offers both physical fitness coaching and nutrition coaching together! We know what it feels like to be overweight, unhealthy, and feel uncomfortable in your own clothes. We completely understand the struggle and frustration of trying to lose weight. That why we use our personal experience to help reach your fitness goals and give you the tools to sustain them.

We created the Ultimate Fitness Formula from our own weight loss transformations, so we know that it will work for you! We’ve done the guess work in order to save you the heartache of gaining more weight and the disappointment of not being able to fit into your favorite clothes. Our formula consists of: martial arts, targeted nutrition, dynamic resistance training, and H.I.T cardio.

  • A coach with the experience you need
  • Access to a training studio with AC
  • The healthy nutrition to support your physical fitness
  • You’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle the day
  • You’ll have increased strength, tone and core stability
  • You won’t have to give up your current lifestyle, like drinking wine, to improve your nutrition
  • You’ll have improved sleep

Sustainability to reach your goals and expertise that matters

I hold a degree in Kinesiology and I’m twist conditioning certified. I combine this with our combined 28+ years of expertise to make the best possible fitness plans. While some trainers have experience working out in gyms, they don’t have the in-depth knowledge to make your fitness unique to you. My degree expertise allows me to make sure that all of my exercises are both safe and effective for each individual client
The solution to maintaining your fitness goals starts with a FREE consultation with us. All you have to do is sign up and come see how our free consultation can change your fitness.

We promise that if you follow our process you will see improvements. Try us for 10 days and feel stronger and happier or get your money back, guaranteed!

So why not come give us a try? Book Your Free Consulation Today!

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  • Increase confidence in your ability to build sustainable habits
  • Combine nutrition and fitness to maintain results
  • Complimentary goal assessment


See What Others Have to Say

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I started coming to Eagle Ridge Fitness in February and I am really enjoying it. I needed the motivation to bench and now I have more strength. I would encourage everyone that they should come.


Yes, Eagle Ridge Fitness is right for you!

At this point you may still have some concerns. I want to overcome
those now, so you can finally take control of your health
and get the results you deserve.

Can I Fit Eagle Ridge Fitness Into My Lifestyle?

Absolutely! We usually hear this from people who have a busy career or family and are concerned they won’t have enough time to make it worth it. We understand that a busy schedule can make fitness difficult.

That’s why we focus on building healthy habits in exercise and nutrition so that you can fit them into your current lifestyle. We’ve used our extensive personal experience to help many people like you integrate healthy habits into their lives.

Will Eagle Ridge Fitness Keep Me Consistent?

Yes! We know you may be concerned that you won’t utilize our service or that it won’t work. We understand that trusting a coach with your fitness is hard and scary.

That’s why we put out energy into meeting your concerns with tools that not only get you lasting results but also build your confidence in fitness. We use our personal experience overcoming fitness challenges and apply what we learned to help you grow and improve.
That’s how confident we are that Eagle Ridge Fitness is your solution to achieving sustainable fitness.

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Our highly effective personal training sessions add an extra level of customization and accountability to reach your goals. This program is ideal with those who have a specific goal and are perfect for clients who have existing injuries.

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