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Port Moody Personal Trainers Can Improve Your Fitness Program


Those who seek to be their best often use the services of a fitness expert. Even people with years of training find that a personal trainer can help them achieve even more by bringing in fresh ideas and new ways of improving their workout. If you find that your hours at the gym simply aren’t paying off or are new to the whole concept of training, you might consider securing the services of one of the Port Moody personal trainers. Most people find these individuals can help them with more than just exercise goals, but may also be beneficial in creating a healthy diet plan too.

Some personal trainers in Port Moody have certification to aid individuals with physical problems that might prevent them from participating in some exercises. Others may have additional courses or certification in nutrition and creating a proper diet to achieve your goals. You don’t have to be young to take advantage of their training. People of all ages can benefit from using a personal trainer. In fact, the elderly probably benefit the most. Even though they may not be able to win a push up competition, with the help of a personal trainer, the elderly find they have less health problems, more contact with the outside world and are able to live independently much longer than they would have without the trainers aid. The same is true of those who have a weight problem and are more than just a few pounds over their ideal weight. Starting a program that helps to see results fast, yet is healthy, and is one of the most important benefits of using a personal trainer.

The following is a short list of the benefits you’ll receive when you use the services of a personal trainer from Port Moody.

    • A personal trainer will develop a program specifically suited for your needs. He assesses your level of fitness, finds specific weaknesses in muscle groups, considers any physical problems you may have and lays the foundation to increase your program as you improve.
    • A personal trainer can be a tool to insure you’re accountable for your exercise program. Simply the act of scheduling a time to meet someone is an extra incentive to go to the gym and continue training. Knowing your personal trainer will weigh you is another big incentive to sticking to a diet program, too.
    • A personal trainer can help develop a diet plan if you need to improve your eating habits, lose weight or gain weight. While you might think that needing to gain weight is like a dream come true, that’s not so for those who find that no matter what they eat, they seem to remain a skinny rail. A few pounds may make the difference between confidence and despair, no matter whether you need to gain them or lose them. A personal trainer can help you achieve your goal.
    • A personal trainer can maximize the exercise routine to produce the best results in the shortest period. You’ll also learn how to do the exercises properly, push yourself and increase your exercise program without injury.
    • No matter what your need, Port Moody personal trainers can help you accomplish your goal. They’re caring individuals who’s mission in life is to help you become the fittest you can be.


  • Testimonial Picture of Jenny V. (2)
    “Sam delivers results...”

    As Sam’s former colleague, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformations of many of Sam’s clients. Sam delivers results and is a leader in the fitness industry. He has a contagious passion for helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. I highly recommend Sam if you’re serious about getting incredible results!

    Jenny V.
    Owner of Vandyfit, Personal Trainer, & Fitness Athlete
    Testimonial Picture of Leah M (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Leah M (2)
    “I have lost 20 pounds and feel great”

    Eagle Ridge Fitness will help you get it done! If you want to lose weight and achieve total-body health, these are the people you need working for you! The atmosphere is positive and the trainers are inspiring and personable. I have lost 20 pounds and feel great, thanks to the support and guidance I have received from the ERF team.

    Leah M