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Whether you want to be stronger, thinner or simply healthier, Burnaby Bootcamp can give you the results. You might want rock hard abs or more endurance and boot camp style training is the quickest way to get there. The concentrated training will make you feel stronger and more alive than ever. It gives you improved confidence as well as being a moral booster when you see the dramatic changes you’ll make in your body. It’s tough work, but the staff at boot camps never make your program beyond your reach.

You’ll find that boot camp training offers more than just exercising. However, that’s an important part of the program. Boot camps offer classes in nutrition, so you learn the right way to eat to keep extra pounds off and provide your body with all the necessary vitamins, mineral, proteins, carbohydrates and even antioxidants. You’ll learn to create balanced healthy meals at home so you can continue on your path to good health even after your course at boot camp ends.

Boot camp is also a place to develop the motivation you may have lacked previously. Learning the kindest, yet most beneficial way to think of your self and discovering your attitudes toward foods play an important role in your size. You may never have realized how negative you were until you had the help of a motivational trainer to demonstrate positive thinking. You’ll also learn goal setting at boot camps. While most people want to get in shape and lose weight, they fail to write down their desires. So in essence, it’s not a goal but a wish. Even those that do write down goals don’t make them specific enough or identify a method of achieving the goal. Learning goal setting is a valuable tool, not only for weight loss and fitness but also in many other areas of life.

What can you expect from a boot camp? The following are frequently parts of the training.

    • Cardiovascular training is one important facet of boot camp exercises. When you do cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis, you’ll find you increase your endurance for running, walking, swimming or doing any other cardiovascular exercise for longer periods at a faster pace. Cardiovascular exercises can help lower blood pressure and even reduce the potential of a heart attack or stroke, besides helping you to shave off extra pounds.
    • Strength training is another form of exercise you’ll learn at a boot camp. Strength training is just as it says, training to become stronger. It includes many types of exercises, such as weight lifting and is particularly important for women past menopause. Studies show that strength training can help stop osteoporosis.
    • Core strength isn’t the same as strength training. Your core muscles are in the trunk of your body and include the back and abdominal muscles. If you’ve ever suffered from a sore back, you may be lacking in core strength.
    • Balance exercises are those that help us maintain balance, poise and grace. Some balance exercises offer the potential for developing more stability. You’ll find that after taking balance training you’re far less likely to have falls. You’ll also improve other athletic skills as well as your posture.
    • A Burnaby bootcamp has everything you need to get in shape faster. The concentrated program may leave you breathless at first, but you’ll find that within a few weeks, you’ll have more confidence, energy, strength, enthusiasm and far less stress.


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