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A Burnaby Personal Trainer Can Help You Renew Your Vigor And Stamina


If you’ve ever tried to go it alone when it comes to an exercise routine, you know how difficult it can become. Sometimes you simply don’t feel like exercising and slowly your resolve goes out the window. At other times, you may have stopped because you’ve pulled a muscle or torn a tendon, injuries that set you back months in your ability to follow your program. The services of a Burnaby personal trainer can help you avoid both situations.

Personal trainers provide motivation, getting you get through those times when life is hectic or you simply lose focus and with it, the desire to exercise. However, they also understand anatomy and the way the muscles are supposed to work together. If you’ve injured yourself previously or found you’re stiff and sore at specific locations after a moderate workout, you may have inadequate strength in large muscle groups and depend on smaller ones to do the work. A personal trainer can identify these problems and find solutions, in addition to showing you’re the right way to do specific exercises.

Personal trainers provide more than just an exercise buddy that encourages you, they also can help you set goals, find a diet plan that works, evaluate your present condition and change the program as it improves. They have background and training in physiology and exercise that takes years to accumulate. You can also benefit from the fact that someone else is watching your progress. It’s far harder to “cheat a bit” when you know there’s someone checking on you.

Other reasons for using the services of a personal trainer in Burnaby:

    • A personal trainer tailors the exercise program to your needs. Exercise isn’t necessarily a one size fits all activity. You may have specific health risks that need addressing when creating an exercise goal. You may want a specific outcome, such as more endurance for a sport. You may be in good shape and reached a plateau or out of shape and need to begin with the basics. Whatever your need, a personal trainer can create a program designed with you in mind.
    • Aside from avoiding injury, learning to use the equipment in the gym or do exercises properly is also imperative for good results. Your personal trainer can help you in the proper methods of exercise.
    • A personal trainer can help make your training more efficient, particularly if you’ve followed the same exercise program and had minimal results. Changing your routine or varying the exercises may be all you need to help you attain your goals in a shorter period. New research has changed outdated ways of thinking when it comes to the effects of exercise. For example, scientists found that “burst training,” short bursts of maximum exertion mixed with longer periods of moderate training, can shorten the required cardio exercise time and give better results.
    • A personal trainer adds more to your exercise program and makes the gym membership worthwhile. Whether you’re tired of your old routine, frustrated at your lack of progress, in need of a safe exercise routine due to health problems or simply want someone there to keep you on track, a Burnaby personal trainer may be the solution to your problem.


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