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Improve Your Workout with Burnaby Personal Training

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you cannot seem to get beyond a specific plateau. That’s when Burnaby personal training can be a huge benefit. A Burnaby personal trainer can identify areas where you need to make changes or encourage you if you find the lack of progress affects your resolve. However, you don’t have to be experienced or face a lag in your progress to benefit from a personal trainer. In fact, many beginners or those who haven’t exercised for a long period can also find that the use of a personal trainer can help them accomplish more in a shorter period, without injury.

Personal trainers understand physiology, diet, exercise and motivation. They can help develop a plan if you have physical issues that may prevent you from realizing your potential in the gym. In fact, many people who need to start exercising because of doctor’s orders use personal trainers to insure they proceed in a safe manner. Personal trainers also can help you continue your training even when you’d rather skip out because you’ve had a bad day or simply want to curl up in front of the television. The fact you have to keep an appointment with them or call them to cancel is often enough incentive to help you drag yourself to the gym. Of course, once you’re there and begin your workout, you’ll often find the stress of the day seems to disappear and suddenly your bad mood melts away and curling up in front of the television with a huge piece of chocolate cake is out of the question.

How can personal training help you?

    • Injuries can prevent you from exercising for long periods. Personal trainers understand the right way to do specific exercises to avoid injury or maximize the benefit of the exercise. Sometimes even the way you breathe during an exercise makes a huge difference in the outcome. Personal trainers can help you with these issues.
    • While you might think you know a lot about exercising because you were a gym fanatic in your youth, scientists have learned so many new things about physiology and exercise in the past few years, and all your information may be antiquated. For instance, burst training, training with short bursts of high exertion followed by average exertion – such as running at top speed for three-minutes jogging for nine and then repeating the routine several times proves more efficient than long distance runs for weight loss or fitness.
    • Personal trainers identify specific muscle weaknesses that may have caused injury or potentially could in the future and help you improve their strength.
    • Personal trainers are training buddies that not only act as an incentive to go to the gym, but also encourage you when you’re ready to throw in the towel and help you push yourself to do one more rep or one more exercise.
    • The benefits of Burnaby personal training are huge, particularly for those who found themselves giving up after a few sessions. If you’ve ever injured yourself in the past or have a medical condition that limits your exercise ability, a personal trainer is almost imperative to help you do more without doing too much.


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