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Coquitlam Bootcamp Offers The Whole Package


Whether you want to lose weight or simply want to get in shape, consider going to a Coquitlam bootcamp to help you reach your goals. Boot camp doesn’t have to mean a drill sergeant runs the show forcing you to do push-ups if you bulk at any of the exercises, it’s simply an overall fitness experience designed with you in mind. The new boot camp for the general population embraces all things that affect your fitness levels, including diet and exercise. It’s more than just training your body; it’s about training your mind and focusing on your goal four to five days a week with the help of others.

Fitness boot camps are often outside. However, since the winters are cold in Canada, you’ll find the year around boot camps also have inside facilities for your convenience. Many of these camps offer a concentrated program that lasts from four to five weeks, meeting several days each of those weeks. The design of the program brings the maximum benefits to the enrollee in the shortest amount of time, focusing not only on exercise but also on dietary changes and inner attitudes that may have contributed to being overweight or out of shape.

You’ll find that boot camps offer the participants many different services. Each person has his or her own goals set by a trained instructor, frequently using the advice of the participant’s physician, nutritionists and physical therapists. It’s not just for the young but offers a valuable service for the aging population. Increasing strength and physical stamina is often the key to remaining vital, therefore allowing the senior to live independently. There are other benefits of boot camps in Coquitlam.

    • Boot camps make you work harder than you might otherwise. The design comes from military boot camps and unlike those camps, your physical strength and fitness plays a role in the level of exercise, pushing you to your maximum without endangering your health.
    • The intensity of the activities relates directly to your fitness levels and needs. People trained in physiology and certified as personal fitness trainers design the program to challenge you but not overwhelm you.
    • You’ll find other adults that struggle with the same problems as you do at a boot camp in Coquitlam. The support of the staff and your fellow boot campers make it easy to remain focused on your goals. It also provides a social outlet that supports you and brings with it, comradery.
    • You often forget about the aches and pains that might have kept you from going to the gym when you attend a boot camp. The community spirit helps bring new delight to making your body healthier and stronger.
    • No matter what your physical shape, weight or desires, you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals when you start with the intense program offered by a Coquitlam bootcamp. You see results rapidly and that can spur you on to continue even if you only achieve part of your overall long-term goal.


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