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How to Lift Weights to Elevate Your Metabolism


Want to lift weights to elevate your metabolism but scared of getting bulky??? You’re not alone! I’ve heard this countless of times especially from my women clients. I promise you, lifting weights will NOT create massive bulk, unless you’re making an effort to do so. Women have to try harder than men. Women have small amounts of the muscle building hormone, testosterone. Weight training will not make you bulky, but elevate your metabolism and help tone your hips, buns, and thighs.

To achieve the best results, having a proper ratio of cardio and weight-training in your fitness program is key. In fact doing only cardio and too much of it, will lead to packing on the pounds. Studies show that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. Cardio will help burn off fat, but it’ll also burn off your lean muscle tissue if you overdo it. Resistance training will help maintain or build more lean muscle tissue, great for your metabolism.

Here are three exercises for the injury free, that I use on my clients to help them tone and build lean muscle tissue. Keep in mind, one size doesn’t fit all. We all have some level of muscular imbalances and have different body types.
You could do these exercises in the comfort of your home with minimal equipment. You’ll need a set of two pairs of dumbbells, one heavy and one light.

Squats with Dumbbells with Calf Raises- This exercise is a great for targeting your gluts, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Start by placing your feet about shoulder width part holding your dumbbells. Next, stick your butt back and chest out, while getting in the sitting position. Finish the movement by standing up and going right into the calf raise. Make sure your knees don’t move forward over your toes.
Bend Over Row with Dumbbells- A great exercise to target your back and biceps. Start with bending over and having your body in the 45 degrees position. Keep your back flat. Once again have your feet placed shoulder width apart. Stay in that position and lift both dumbbells straight up and down.

Pushups with a Twist- Get in the pushup position either on your knees or toes. As you come up, rotate your torso 90 degrees while you lift your right hand up and above. Switch sides. This exercise targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.
If you only have 30 minutes to spare, choose a circuit training style type of routine. Ask your trainer at your local gym, to help put together a personalized program right for your goals and body type.

To your health and fitness success!