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I finished my advent calendar in 2 days! Plus, my Four Strategies that I personally use in order to Survive the Holidays!

This year, my Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar only made it to December 2. 🙄My kryptonite is chocolate. 😛 The good news is, after my chocolate feast, I was back on track the next day and haven’t had any chocolate ever since.

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Judge me if you like. However, there’s a lesson to be learned here.
Last year, I had one chocolate a day from my Advent Calendar but ended up getting addicted to chocolate and craving it throughout the day. One chocolate was a gateway to eating more treats and indulgences, especially when I got in the habit of having chocolate everyday from my Advent Calendar! I remember one year, I ended up gaining 8 pounds during the holidays!

I’m not necessarily recommending you eat all your chocolates in two days. However, I’m in a better position this year to stay on track. Amazingly, I didn’t gain any weight from my two-day binge fest either.

So, what’s really going on here? Sugar is addictive! It’s an ongoing cycle! Having one chocolate leads to another!

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Sugar Addition: The Perpetual Cycle
1. When you eat sugar, dopamine, the happy hormone, is released.
2. Blood sugars levels spike. Mass insulin is then secreted to drop blood sugars.
3. Blood sugar levels then drop rapidly.
4. The rapid drop in blood sugars causes the body to crave the ‘sugar high’, thus increasing your appetite and cravings! The cycle goes on!

Going back to my 2-day chocolate binge… Was it hard after two days of having chocolate? Absolutely! What really matters is, what you do after your binge fest. Do you continue to binge eat throughout the week?

Here are Four Strategies to Survive the Holidays and Still Enjoy the Holidays:

If you’re frequently binge eating, your body is also telling you that you’re not consuming enough food throughout the day, that your meal timing may be off, or perhaps your daily macro-nutrients are off. So, how do you assess if your nutrition may be off? You would assess your biofeedback. How are your stress levels, energy levels, hunger levels, sleep quality, sex drive, and mood? Also look back the past few months to assess how your body and weight have changed. Biofeedback is a whole big topic on its own which I’ll get into next time.

Strategy #1: In order to better tackle your cravings and to deal with the aftermath of binge eating, ensure you have a good quality protein, carbohydrate, and some healthy fats too for each meal. Yes, this will help eliminate cravings. By the way, carbs aren’t bad. It’s over consumption that made them bad.

Strategy #2: If you plan on binge eating, having treats, and drinks every Friday, plan for those indulgences into your daily eating plan. Yes, build it into your nutrition plan and ensure your protein, carbs, and fats are on point. By having sufficient daily macronutrients,, you’ll avoid impulsive eating and unplanned binge eating.

Also, plan at least a day before, what you plan on eating the next day.  Like everything else in life, nutrition also requires planning, or you’ll leave it up to chance. =) The reality is, we’re all on a weight gain, weight loss, or maintenance eating plan. Sure the plan you’re on may be intentional or unintentional. Regardless, your body responds to your daily habits.

Good news is, you still can enjoy the holidays and stay on track with your goals! We have all heard it, “have food in moderation.” What does that really mean? I find “moderation” quite ambiguous.

Note: These templates are general but will give you far more guidance than the loose definition of ‘moderation’.

Strategy #3

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Strategy #4

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

So, what will you be having for breakfast tomorrow? Love to hear from you! Ensure to drink plenty of water! I’ll be covering the importance of hydration in another email. You’ll be quite surprised about my discovery.

Have a great rest of your week!

Sammy Noh

“I can’t do that. Life must be so boring…” Ignore the Naysayers!

“I can’t do that. Life must be so boring…” Ignore the Naysayers!

The other day, a client mentioned that a close friend of hers made a remark that she wouldn’t last on her new weight loss journey.

Have you heard this before? “It’s not sustainable.”

When you embark on a healthy journey, people are generally supportive. However, there will be naysayers who’ll make comments such as, “I can’t do that. I want to enjoy life. Life’s too short. I don’t have the will power. I don’t have time like you do,” and so forth.  I’ve personally heard all sorts of comments during my weight gain and weight loss journey.

I don’t believe people have intentions on knocking someone down for getting healthy and fit, however there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to fitness and nutrition. The whole fitness and nutrition industry is a mess. There’s far too much misinformation and conflicting information out there. Marketers will try to sell you gimmicks, fad diets, and pills and potions. Even fitness professionals find nutrition confusing.

👉If a personal trainer, throws a cookie cutter meal plan at you, run the other way. I’ll admit…Before experiencing my journey and launching our nutrition coaching program, I was quite misinformed myself.

Through my personal journey, I’ve learned so many valuable lessons which has given me greater insight on some of the challenges that you’ve perhaps faced in the past, or are currently facing.

When I was gaining weight form 218 pounds, there were concerns from my close friends and family about my health.

When I was losing weight, I was surprised by some of comments. Of course, many were quite supportive.

I’m going to do debunk these comments and ‘myths’ to shed some light on the truth, as there’s far too much misconception on nutrition.

Here are the 5 Common Myths

Myth #1: “I can’t do that. I want to enjoy life. Life’s too short…”

You can still enjoy life. My diet is not a starvation or deprivation diet. In fact, I have more energy. I sleep much better. I’m in a far better mood. I have a confession to make. My favourite cheat meals are steak with mash potatoes, pizza, and burgers. I can still enjoy them every week and still stay on track with my goals, and still keep my new abs. I also go through different ‘phases’ much like everyone else. There are phases where I indulge more than usual. The key is to get back on track afterwards.

Myth #2: “I don’t have time to workout…”

​In as little as 30 minutes, at least 2x/week, you can still reap the benefits of exercise. You’ll have more energy to get through your day. It may be hard to believe..Eventually you’ll make time for it, once you see amazing results and start feeling amazing after each workout. Please keep in mind that you can’t out exercise your nutrition. Save your time and energy! If you’re working out 5 days a week, especially doing lots of cardio, and aren’t seeing much results, reach out to me! Let’s get you back on track! Too much cardio isn’t good either for your weight loss goals. Yup! I’ll get into that another time. As well, it’s important to be aware of your bio-feedback each week. I’ll also get into that another time.

Myth #3: “I don’t have the will power…”

Neither do I.  I have the worst will power. If I see pizza in front of me, most likely, I’m going to be the first to eat a slice. gosh, I still struggle with this from time to time.  It’s not all about will power. You must give your body a chance to adjust. Extreme diets with caloric deprivation will only set you up to fail. You can’t go from 0 to 60, and then blame yourself for failing due to a lack of will power. You can’t go from consuming 4000 daily calories to 2000 calories. Your body will hate you. By day 3, you’ll be tempted to crack.

Myth #4: “You actually work with a nutrition coach? Aren’t you an expert in fitness and nutrition?…”

Hiring a nutrition coach has been integral in my weight loss journey. It’s been a game changer! I still work with my nutrition coach to this day. I’ve learned so much about nutrition, especially in the past few years. I don’t consider myself an expert at anything really, because I’m a long long student. I’m always learning and growing.

Why do I work with a coach if I’m already a coach?

Even professional athletes have coaches. A coach will filter through your chaos and assign you with action steps that you need to do today, in order to reach your goals for tomorrow, for next week, for next month, and so forth.  My nutrition continues to change, as I get closer to my goals each day.  Knowing is not enough. It’s about taking action and taking steps to get closer to your goals.

Myth #5: “Just send me your meal plan and I’m good…”

Getting a cookie cutter meal plan isn’t the solution. My meal plan won’t necessarily work for you, as your starting point may be different. Your challenges and obstacles are unique to you.

Nutrition coaching is about creating action and implementation to suit your current lifestyle. Having someone just tell you what to eat is just scratching the surface.

If there’s anything I can help you with, feel free to reach out! To launch the start of August, I’m giving away 5 Strategy Sessions to discuss an action plan to get you towards your goals!

Have a great rest of your week! Crush it!

-Sammy Noh

P.S GPT30 will be launching in the Fall! Stay tuned!

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

My [Love/Hate] Relationship with Challenges…

We’ve had several inquiries about our next challenge. I wasn’t planning on offering one. I have a love/hate relationship with challenges. However, I gave it some consideration and have decided to offer a Spring 6 Week Challenge in April.

We’ve been offering challenges for the last 8 years out of the 10+ years we’ve been in business. Over the years, my perspective on fitness and nutrition have evolved, especially after going through my own personal weight gain and weight loss transformation.

I understand for the right person a ‘challenge’ will provide motivation to finally get active or break past a workout plateau. I’m going to be offering a challenge for those that need that reboot, need that extra motivation, and need my help.

However, I want to make things clear. Nutrition and Fitness do not have a set start and end date. Many also ask, “what’s the best diet out there?” Should I do Keto? The answer is, the one you can do for the rest of your life. It’s a life long journey. I’m not going to lie to you. You’ll see great results in your first 6 weeks. However, it’s unrealistic to try to reverse years of inactivity in just 6 short weeks. If anyone claims that they can, they’re lying to you…#365dayChallenge #LifestyleChallenge

Fitness is a journey, much like martial arts is a journey….

Being a martial artist from childhood, I went from white belt to black belt. With each belt, you learn skills to build upon, in order to advance to the belt level. You can’t advance to the next belt without learning essential skills such as stance, distance, and learning the basic kicks and punches. I’ve discovered the journey really begins at black belt.

Similarly, fitness works the same. You have to build upon the skills you learn. You have to get the technique and tempo down for each exercise, before you progress to a more challenging exercise. Hopping from program to program doesn’t advance you to the next level and can do more harm than good.

Having said that, if you’re wanting to join my next 6 Week Challenge and understand that fitness and health do not have a set start date and end date, I invite you to book a 1-on-1 Info Session with myself for no charge. The goal of this appointment is to ensure this would be the right fit for the both of us. If it isn’t a good fit, that’s no problem. I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction and answer your fitness and nutrition questions regardless. My goal is to help. I also like to know what your ‘WHY’ for participating in this challenge, so my team and I can meet and exceed your expectations. We’re here for you!

This challenge starts April 8th. If you’re new to ERF, you can learn more about our next challenge here:

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

-Sammy Noh

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How to Get More Done Each Day

How is it that some accomplish more each day? We all have 24 hours in a day. Yet there are those who get more done. Sure, you could cut down on your sleep to have more time. However, how efficient will you be if you’re functioning off 5 hours a day of sleep? Yes, it’s a reality for some. Especially if you have young kids who demand your ongoing care and attention. Perhaps you’re having to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your family, and take the kids to school and pick them up after. On top of that, you have your day job from 8am to 4pm.

I may not have kids yet, but I do have two amazing businesses which take a lot of work and time. When I was the only trainer at Eagle Ridge Fitness, I was up at 4:50am and training my last session at 8pm with random appointments scattered throughout the day.  It was a grueling lifestyle. I also remember fitting in workouts if I could make the time, and if I had the energy.  I remember working 30 days straight without a day off, eventually hitting a wall. Whenever I’d receive a Facebook message, anxiety would run high thinking I’m having to complete another task and having to get back to someone.

One day, it all changed… A few years ago, in the early stages of when my father went missing, I naturally took a step back from the business. I was lucky to have a great team in place who cared about me and my business. However, I had a new client who was very persistent on speaking with me. This person was adamant on meeting me, despite my staff informing this person that I was dealing with a family crisis. I called this person while searching for my father in the woods to discover that this person wanted to ‘negotiate’ a discount. Apparently, his/her time was more valuable than my time. I was livid and also felt devalued. However, I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. It was my fault. It was my fault for not setting up systems and gate keepers. I didn’t set up my team to fully take care of these situations. I also had to learn to say no. I was still a prisoner of my business.

Then, it dawned on me. There are factors in your life that you have control over. We have choices. I no longer need to be a prisoner of my business. 

For example, you have a choice on who you want to spend your time with, what sort of conversations to have, and what you choose to do each day. What are your time wasters and energy draining activities? Who just sucks the energy from you?

Who or what are the crabs in your life? When a crab tries to escape from a bucket, the other crabs will pull it down so that it can’t escape. We sometimes have people in our life who are energy vampires, who just suck the energy out of you. Perhaps it’s not even a person. For me, I sometimes struggle getting off social media. It’s an important platform for my business, but I catch myself wasting time by mindlessly surfing the net and scrolling through the news-feed

Overtime, I’ve come up with a system to structure each day to get a lot more done, and to better manage my emotions. I came across the book, the Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne, which has made a huge impact on how I live each day.

What I do Every day:

The night before, I prioritize my big three rocks (my top non-negotiable priorities) that I must accomplish the next day. Instead of waking up trying to figure out what to do, I map out my action plan for the next day, the night before.  By the way, I’ve recently discovered Trello, an online to do list and project management tool. I use it for work and my personal life! It’s awesome!

In the morning, I work on my three big rocks for the day. I’m either reading, working on my personal development, working on a marketing campaign, working on projects to help grow each member on my team, or working on projects to improve the experience of our clients.

I’ve discovered overtime that I’m the most creative and positive in the morning. I’ll be honest. I’m a procrastinator. To avoid procrastination, I tackle the most difficult task in the morning, when I have the most energy. I have also learned to structure my time by refraining from checking emails, social media posts, and answering phone calls in the morning. I also segregate my email accounts, one for family and friends, clients and staff, and one for new inquiries. I will get back to people. However, I have designated times I check each account and have designated times when I return phone calls.

After 3 to 4 hours of solid work, I’ll do my workout. My energy level typically dips in the afternoon, so a workout will rejuvenate me. Once I’ve accomplished my three big rocks and my workout, I’ll go into my personal training studios to meet with staff, clients, or to complete any random errands. Evenings are for family time!​

Some days, sh*t does hit the fan. But I can handle it! I’ve already won my day by getting the most important tasks done, before heading into my studios and meeting with staff or clients. Mostly importantly, I completed my workout so my day has already been a success. I schedule in my workouts and treat them like non-negotiable appointments. 

Going through my weight gain and weight loss journey, I have discovered the importance of self care so that I can be the best version of myself, for my family, my staff, and for my clients. 

Sometimes, I’m having to go into the studio or complete random errands in the morning. On those days, I’ll allocate 30 minutes to focus on my big three big rocks. After my studio visit, I’ll go back to working on my big three rocks. It’s not always ‘Perfect’. If you’re working 8am to 4pm, you may not have the flexibility on when to workout. However, you can still apply the ‘Perfect Day Formula’ even if you have as little as 30 minutes to ‘conquer your morning’. You can still apply it to your work day and ‘conquer your morning’.

You also have a choice on whether to exercise today and what food to eat. If 30 minutes of exercise is all you can fit in, it’s more than enough. It’s consistency that pays off. Focus on the process and the results will come.

Even allocating 30 minutes for meal prep a week, will be extremely beneficial. Since you’ll be rejuvenated from each workout and from fueling your body with wholesome foods, you’ll feel like you have more time.

I hope this email has been helpful. In summary, plan your day the night before and focus on your three big rocks. Control your morning, conquer the chaos of the afternoon, and concentrate on what counts in the evening! You’ve got this!

If there’s anything I can help you with, please feel free to reach out!

-Sammy Noh

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“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

Earlier this month, I traveled to California to meet with my fitness business coaches and other successful fitness business owners in North America. We meet every quarter to strategize, share what’s working, and to solve our current challenges in our businesses. We call these mastermind meetings. With each mastermind meeting, we create action steps to complete before the next mastermind. Before each mastermind, I read my notes from previous meetings. I’m pleased to discover that the challenges I once had, are no longer challenges! I’ve learned that overcoming challenges and obstacles help you grow. As you grow, you encounter new challenges.

I’m a firm believer in coaching. I especially realized this when I hired a coach for my own personal transformation. Even coaches need coaches. I work with a nutrition coach and work with a Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor each week. It’s an investment in myself, but the return on investment is priceless. My personal coaching team has helped me with my overall mental and body transformation and helped me lose over 50 pounds to date. The last couple of years have been life-changing for me, especially after coming from a place of grief and despair. My personal coaches played a major part in my transformation.

Receiving coaching is like having knowledge transplanted into you, by those who have already been where you’re wanting to go. Coaching also decreases the time for implementation. A coach can figure out exactly what your next actions steps are. I sometimes get overwhelmed with a ton of ideas and get paralyzed in terms of where to start. I’m a huge over-thinker. My coach will filter through my chaos to determine what I should be doing now, and what I should be doing next.

How does this relate to you? Perhaps you’re new to exercise or you’ve been working out for quite some time.

If you’re new to exercise, a coach will help figure out what your first action steps are. For one of our clients, Natalie, it was simply starting with water. This helped troubleshoot her metabolism and she ended up losing 7 pounds in a month with that one change.

Perhaps you may be thinking, where do I start? Do I do a bootcamp, do I do cycling, CrossFit, personal training, small group personal training, yoga, or kickboxing? Should I do cardio or weights? It can get quite confusing. The wrong program can create setbacks.

Maybe you’re struggling with making time for exercise or even wanting the confidence that you can do this, and work through your injuries. Perhaps you’re wondering how many days to start with. If you’ve been inactive for months or even years, 2 to 3 days is more than enough.

The other month, I met with a new client. Her first action step was to schedule her two weekly workouts as ‘appointments’ into her calendar. She’s a busy mom with two young kids, while running a successful growing business. We framed her workout sessions as ‘appointments’. Fast forward a few weeks, she’s been showing up to all her workouts, and has mentioned how amazing she feels! She also mentioned that these workouts are the most important appointments of the week for her! It’s ‘mom’ time!

Perhaps, you’ve been working out for quite some time. You saw some results in the past, but your weight has settled and you’ve hit a plateau. It’s time to troubleshoot. For one, nutrition does change as you progress. Looking back the last 10 years of being in business, there were peaks and valleys. BTW, we’re the longest running personal training studio in the Tri-cities due to your amazing support! There were times when I felt my business plateaued and that my own personal development plateaued. How did I break the plateau? I had to get out of my comfort zone. I had to troubleshoot. My coaches helped me troubleshoot and come up with a new game plan. “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”-Albert Einstein

Now, there are many opportunities to work with a coach. Reading my emails is great start. =) I appreciate you and will do my best to provide you with content to help make an impact on your health and fitness. I’m currently working on more great content for you!

If you’re stuck in a rut, reach out to me! I’d be happy to help!

Hope you had a wonderful day! Win your day! Win your Week!

Have a great week!

Sammy Noh

Did you know we offer a variety of programs here? We offer 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, 1 on 1 personal training, semi-private/small group personal training, and now team training?

If you haven’t been to ERF, I have a couple of amazing offers on our programs:

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Four Common Weight training Myths

Last weekend, our Head Trainer Francis, hosted our Weight Training Workshop. The workshop covered the importance of sets, reps, and tempo. Francis also debunked common fitness myths!

I wanted to share with you four common myths with weight training.

Myth #1-High reps will make you ‘toned’.

FACT-High reps train type 1-slow twitch muscle fibers. Marathon runners mainly utilize type 1 muscle fibers, while sprinters mainly utilize type 2-fast twitch muscle fibers. Can you see the distinction between the two examples? High reps help with improving endurance. If you’re frequently completing high reps of 20 TRX rows or a long duration of running, cycling or rowing, you’re really focusing on type 1 muscle fibers. Most bootcamps of 12 to 25+ participants and large group exercise programs, mainly focus on high reps, so it’s important to also complement these workouts with programs that focus on type 2 muscle fibers if you’re wanting to develop lean and ‘toned’ muscles.  For this reason, my personal training programs target both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers.

Myth #2- Weight Training Makes You Bulky

FACT- It takes hard work to even develop muscles. If you’re consuming an excess number of calories consuming the right macro nutrients, you will then have the potential to build ‘bigger’ muscles. It’s easier said than done. It’s harder especially for women to develop big muscles, as women do not have enough testosterone. Getting ‘bulky’ from weight training is the least of your concern.

Myth #3- Doing Crunches will Tone my Mid-section

By the way, crunches are a horrible exercise for the spine. The constant flexion of the spine with crunches can lead to back pain. The truth is, crunches alone do not tone the mid-section.  We’ve been lied to! Why? Selling the dream of getting a flat mid stomach with a gadget such as the ab roller sells on infomercials.

FACT- Abs are made in the kitchen. Fat and muscle are different layers. If your diet isn’t in check and you have a layer of adipose tissue covering your stomach, you won’t be able see those flat abs. By the way, when working your abs, don’t forget about strengthening your back as well. Hence working your core means you’re working both your abdominals and your lower back.

FACT – doing crunches will strengthen your abs but will not take the fat off your stomach.

FACT – doing 100,000 triceps exercises will NOT get rid of your “wings”

FACT – Combining resistance training with a healthy diet will help decrease body fat, build muscle, and improve metabolism.

Myth #4- Fat Turns into Muscle

Fat does not turn into muscle. Muscle also does not turn into fat. They are completely different tissues.

There you go! You now have an upper hand by understanding the truth behind common myths.

Want to learn the best weight training exercises for you and how to safely do them? Feel free to reach out. Happy to help!

-Sammy Noh