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Coquitlam Personal Trainer – Your Key To Strengthening Your Core

If you live in the city of Coquitlam, Canada and you are looking to into getting in shape and strengthening your body, you have to first work on strengthening your core. The best way to accomplish this is by getting professional help through a Coquitlam personal trainer.

Your core strength relies on strengthening your core muscles. Now, what are these core muscles? They are composed of muscles in the abdominal area, pelvis, and the diaphragm. To improve on your total strength levels, these muscles must first be developed.

Why is it so essential to develop these areas? In lifting or simply physically moving from place to place, the core region tenses up. The tension is an automatic response to the change in our breathing patterns. Take reaching out for an object while sitting down. If you place one of your hands on your abdomen and reach out to pick up the object with the other, you will feel tension on your abdomen. This is an involuntary action of the core. In other words, the core is essential in any movement we make.

The stability of the core is vital in maintaining an upright position, especially in movement and heavy lifting. Without the stability of the core, the lower back is unsupported from the inside. This equates to injury due to strain during exercise. A Coquitlam personal trainer will help you strengthen your core to avoid accidents from happening.

Now what are the exercises that develop your core?

Here are those exercises:


This involves lying on the floor with knees bent and the feet placed flat on the floor. Push your hips up and create and arc while your shoulders still on the floor.


This involves lying down facing the floor. Create clearance by supporting your body with your elbows and toes.

Side Plank

Lie on your side, maintain a straight position from head to toe, and push up with one arm.


Lie face down on the floor. With your stomach on the floor, extend your arms and legs and raise them from the ground.

A Coquitlam personal trainer may also make you use a couple of gym equipment. These are gym balls, wobble cushions, wobble balance boards, and medicine balls.

These trainers will make use of the exercises and equipment to strengthen your core. To develop your core to its optimal strength, you must seek professional assistance from a Coquitlam personal trainer.