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Isotonic Workouts You Can Get From Coquitlam Fitness Centers

If you are a gym or fitness enthusiast, you might be familiar with a number of workouts that are designed to offer specific fitness results. However, if you have not heard about isotonic exercises, it is important you acquaint yourself with the basics of this form of workout as soon you may incorporate them within your program when you visit a Coquitlam fitness center. Isotonic exercises are designed to allow the muscle carry particular amount of static weight within a specific range of motion.

The weights used in this exercise could be fixed or free weights. Some of the exercises you go through in isotonic workouts are such as rock climbing, lifting weights, and cycling among others. Isotonic exercises help people build their stamina and resistance while also losing weight and attaining the shape they desire.

One of the isotonic exercises is the abdominal vacuum, which is meant to offer strength to the abs. In this exercise, a person sits on the edge of a chair and then exhales out all the air from body. The person then pulls the stomach to the level that the navel seems to touch the spine. One does not need to hold the breath but take small breathes without inhaling too much air. Staying in that position for about 30 seconds helps contract and stretch the abdominal muscles.

Strengthening the spine is another isotonic exercise you can undertake. In this exercise, you bend down and touch the toes. Touching the toes may be a bit difficult for some people but those who can touch them comfortably can stretch down further and put the palms flat on the floor. By stretching as much as possible, while staying in that position for about 30 seconds can help strengthen the spine.

Strengthening the muscles of hips and thighs is also another isotonic workout performed by squatting with heels under hips and with the toes pointed out. A trainee then needs to push the hips behind and crease the hip below the knees crease, and hold the squat for about 5 minutes before releasing.

To strengthen the knee and calf muscle, you need to sit on a chair while holding a pillow in between and release the hands as you try holding and squeezing your pillow using the knees. This is an exercise that can help patients that have just received a knee replacement surgery. Cycling is another exercise that is meant to strengthen the calf muscles as well as abdominal muscles.

In cycling, a trainee contracts the abdominal muscles and does sprint cycling at full speeds for about 3 minutes before slowing down for another 2 minutes. Repeating this exercise for about 4 times a day can help in strengthening the adnominal and calf muscles. You can visit a Coquitlam fitness center to discover other isotonic exercises that can help strengthen different muscles.