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Discover Brain Gym Exercises With a Port Moody Personal Trainer

For a successful and enjoyable life, you need to have a healthy and sharp mind, and there are different simple exercises that enhance the brain function and make you smarter, sharper, and even confident with yourself. Brain gym exercises consist of easy body movements that help cajole the two brain hemispheres while synchronizing the way they work. If you want to make your brain function better, your Port Moody personal trainer can assist you develop a series of exercises that achieve that goal.

Such exercises are simple and may be done by people of different age groups whether children, adults, or aged persons. When you participate in brain gym exercises, you help your mind become sharper and smarter. You also enhance your level of confidence and improve self esteem. The exercises also revitalize the natural healing mechanism in the body ensuring that you heal fast of ailments.

You can restore health and harmony in your body by taking part in these exercises. Moreover, brain gym exercises can help increase creativity and improve your communication while boosting you when you are faced with rejection and disappointment. Some of the brain gym exercises you can take part include cross crawl, where you sit or stand while the elbow of the right hand touches the left knee crossways on your body.

You can repeat the same step with the left hand touching the right knee. While alternating the directions such as in a march-past, you repeat the steps ensuring that you touch the knee with the elbow completely. Another brain gym exercise is thinking of an X. In this exercise, you close your eyes and think of letter X, and then visualize it.

You will notice your eyes coordinating as you connect the upper, lower, right, and left visual fields around a focal point. As you connect the fields, you will notice the X-like symmetry and organization in body as your hip tries to co-ordinate with your shoulders. Belly breathing is another brain exercise which is performed by putting your hands right on your abdomen and then exhaling air through short little puffs in your mouth.

When exhaling air, you imagine of keeping a feather floating in air. You then do this process till you feel like your lungs are empty. Then inhale air deeply and fill yourself like a balloon, and exhale the air again, but this time slowly. If you repeat these steps 3 to 4 times, you are able to exercise your brain.

Touching positive points above the eyes, in the location halfway from the eyebrows to the hairline with use of your fingertips of both hands, you can begin another brain exercise. With  your eyes closed, you breathe deeply but slowly for some few seconds and then release, relax and repeat the same process again for a couple of times. With help of a Port Moody personal trainer, you can discover many brain gym exercises that can make you smarter and sharper.