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Discover Pull up Exercises for the Women through a Port Moody Personal Trainer

Are you considering building you stamina and abs with pull ups? A Port Moody personal trainer can help you become a pull ups enthusiast. For women, pull ups can help attain stamina and develop their abs. There are different pull up exercises that could help you build more muscles and sharpen your exercise training skills.

One technique you can use is the negative pull ups which are performed by standing on a raised platform and pulling yourself up onto a pull up bar and then lowering your body gently and slowly. For a beginner, doing a classic pull up may seem impossible but using the negative pull up techniques can allow you exhaust your muscles and develop stamina in order to take you through the full pull ups.

Remember that for beginners, they have to take it slow and do some warm up. Subjecting your muscles to intense workout at the beginning may cause problems. However, as you progress with your workouts, you will find it easy to even do more strenuous exercises. Another technique is kipping pull ups which it is performed the same way you do with classic pull ups, but this time you swing the legs to garner momentum, and then get yourself up the bar. This technique helps you build stamina and power within all important back muscles.


Classic pull ups are done by holding the bars using an over hand grip while you keep the hands apart to align with your shoulder width. While letting your body hang with hands straight but outstretched, you slowly pull body up until the chin gets over the bar, and then slowly let your body move down without swaying. This classic pull up technique works out the upper body than other exercises.

Weighted pull ups are done by securing a weight to a belt or using a dumb-bell between the ankles as you do the pull ups. The added weight coerces the muscles and makes them grow stronger and bigger. Other types of pull ups include Tarzan and alternating knee twists. With Tarzan, you hold the on middle of the bar using both hands placed close together and pull yourself up but as you reach the top of the bar, you twist the body to go up to the right.

You then bring yourself down and then repeat the same, but thing time, towards the left. With Tarzan pull ups, great body coordination is needed when pulling up yourself to the left and right. This technique gives you a strong core and prevents your body from swaying. If you are constantly seeking for exercises that will offer muscle strength and improve your workouts techniques, you can consult a Port Moody personal trainer to take you through different pull ups techniques.