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Learn More about Aerobic Exercises with a Port Moody personal Trainer

If you are a body fitness pro, you have heard of the phrases cardio exercises and aerobics, but for the beginners, you may want to know something about these forms of workouts. Before you indulge in any workout regime, you need to understand the kind of benefits it offers to the body and a Port Moody personal trainer can take you through the different exercises including pull ups, aerobics, abs workouts, and the rest.

Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio workouts, and they are a form of physical workout which offers low to medium intensity exercises. Aerobic simply means living in air which refers to using oxygen to be able to meet your energy needs while you perform exercises. When performed, aerobic exercises increase the demand of oxygen in body to create more energy.

These forms of exercises typically involve the larger muscles and performed for a lengthy amount of time using continuous movements. One benefit of these exercises is that they offer excellent training for your organs like the lungs and heart. When doing the exercises, the tissues want more oxygen from blood which means that the heart has to beat faster in order to cope with the increasing demand for oxygen.

In longer duration, this makes the heart and your lungs to grow stronger and healthier. The fast movement of blood within the vessels can help clear the clogged arteries of bad cholesterol. The aerobic exercises are also calorie burners and they will help burn out the extra calories thus creating the deficit which is needed in reducing weight.

Aerobic exercise is an effective fat burner since it utilizes the excess fats in body. Other benefits include improved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance. The exercises also increase muscle endurance, lower the resting heart rate, and decrease clinical symptoms such as depression, tension and anxiety.

There are different training methods for the aerobic exercises and they include long duration cardio and interval training. In long duration cardio, these are the moves you perform for a longer time but at a steady pace. Whether it is walking for one hour at a steady speed or running for 30 minutes, when performed for an extended time period, you can get good results in burning calories.

With interval training, it involves alternating low intensity and high intensity workouts, something that builds endurance and burns calories. The interval training can give better and faster results when compared to the long duration cardio.

By consulting a Port Moody personal trainer, you can get help on how to do your aerobic exercises. Depending on your fitness assessment, the trainer may recommend you to use long duration cardio or interval training, or a combination of both. This can help you attain good health, burn the extra kilos, and reduce stress, tension, and depression.