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Discover Wall Sit Exercises With a Port Coquitlam Personal Training Coach

If you want to have thighs like a real footballer, you have every reason to smile because a through a dedicated Port Coquitlam personal training instructor, you can make your muscles ripped, defined, yet strong. Many people want to get sculpted thighs but they do not seem to attain that perfect shape they desire despite doing rigorous jogging and running. However, different exercises are created for different results, and working with a trainer offers an ideal chance for you to attain the shape and form your want.

When you have well defined thighs, they not only look attractive but also help in strengthening your legs. One problem with the regular exercises is that they will not transform your muscles because the workout is not particularly tailored to give you such transformations. This implies that you need something that is special such as the Wall Sit workouts.

With wall sits, they are great because they work out the two groups of muscles you find in your thighs. By having wall sits, they are able to give you thighs which are able to withstand prolonged strenuous activities. It is important to take these exercise with a trainer by your side because although they are not very complicated to grasp, many people still are not able to do them correct.

In doing wall sit, you lean against a wall with the feet planted firmly on ground, and with the shoulder width apart. You should have the feet placed or planted roughly two feet from wall. You now slowly slide the back down the wall while having it pressed against the wall until you see that the legs are bent at a right angle. Such an angle is very important since if you do not have the thighs parallel to ground, the muscles do not get a good effective workout.

In addition, you need to have the knees directly above the ankles and the back should touch the wall at all times. Depending on the strength, you can hold your body at that position for about 20 seconds or for more. While taking a rest for about one minute, you repeat the set of the workout to give the thighs a good workout.

You will realize that as you continue to gain strength, you will increase the time you are able to hold your back on the wall. You might feel a burn in the quadriceps muscles, and although this is normal, if you feel some little pain in the kneecap or knee, you should stop immediately and consider having it checked by a physician. It is recommended you do these types of exercise with help of a trainer to prevent possible spraining of joints or ligaments. The trainer can also modify the exercise to suit your needs.