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Benefit From Sit ups Exercises With a Coquitlam Fitness Coach

Sit-ups are perhaps the most traditional yet effective exercises that enhance your core strength. Also, called curl ups, the sit-ups are used to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles, and they affect the entire area that starts from under the sternum to the pelvis. Applying sit-ups with help of a Coquitlam fitness coach can help you get the desired results in workouts.

One thing about these exercises is that they can be done by all trainees whether a beginner, an intermediate, or one in the advanced level. They are appropriate for all levels and anyone can perform the sit-ups. While muscle buildup is considered a men’s affair, girls no longer want to have a flat tummy anymore, and they are always standing in front of the mirrors, desiring for, and demanding killer abs just like men.

Sit ups can help in building the muscles and core strength. There are different versions of these sit up exercises and they include the basic version, the military version, and the jack knife sit-ups. The basic version entails lying down flat on the back with the head, shoulders, and neck relaxed. You then bend the knees, raise them, and put the sole of feet firm on the ground.

With the hands on sides of the head, you have the elbows pointing opposite direction. You then use your hands to support the head but not pulling it up. When doing this, you have to keep the chin off the chest and the neck has to remain in a neutral position. Your abs should be tight. Now you lift your shoulder along with the neck and head off the floor.

You can lift the shoulder, head, and neck until you are about 30 to 35 degrees off the floor then breathe out in that moment. Also, contract the abdominal muscles and hold the position for about 1 to 3 seconds. While inhaling the air, you lower the body to the start position on the ground. This is the basic form of sit-ups but the moves can be modified depending on the style of sit up you are applying.

The sit-ups will help increase the flexibility and strength of body including the entire torso both internally and externally. Sit-ups are an excellent exercise and a base for the buildup of strength of the body in order to endure other exercises. Applying sit-ups can give you are the ultimate piece of cake, that is, the killer abs you desire to have.

If you try sit-ups, you will be able to build the abs of your dream. You can make the sit ups as part of the daily exercise routines and you will discover the benefits you get in toning and building muscles as well as attaining core strength.