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Learn the Different Types of Sit ups with a Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

Sit-ups also known as curl ups are primary exercises for development of core strength, stability, and building muscles. While there is the basic sit-ups routine, it can be modified to feature other elements in the workouts. A Coquitlam fitness trainer can offer a lending hand in training you on how to execute your sit-ups moves correctly, safely, and effectively.

The different variations are intended to target different groups of abdominal muscles with use of different range of motions. When you have a strong core, it helps in strengthening the entire body. With the basic sit-ups moves, you lie down on your back and have your neck, the shoulder, and the head relaxed. The knees are bent and raised and the soles remain firmly planted to the ground.

The hands support the head while the elbows face the opposite direction. With the military version, it involves crossing the arms on check with the opposite hands touching opposite shoulders instead of supporting the head. In this move, the head is not supported by the hands as in the basic sit-ups exercises.

Now, you lift the shoulder blades and try to touch the elbows of the knees while you exhale air. At that position, you hold for one second or more with the muscles contracted. You may request someone to hold your feet to the ground when you do the military sit-ups, or you may decide to put the feet under something that will not move. This will help you get more stability when you execute the move.

Another type of sit-ups is the jack knife sit-ups. In these forms of sit-ups, you lie flat on back and have the arms extended behind the back in a way straight. You also keep the legs extended while the toes point upwards. While you exhale, you raise the legs and arms in order to meet in what is referred to as jack-knife position as you bend at the waist.

The upper torso should be off the flooring surface. You then lower your body and straighten the arms and legs to their original position. The jack knife sit-ups work best for the torso and on the legs, and it can be effective for the lower abs. For the beginners who cannot lift straight their legs, they may do the jack knife with their knees bent.

Working with a trainer will help you grasp the moves easily, and be able to execute them perfectly. It may take time but eventually you will be able to do the complex sit-ups. They will help in building your core strength, muscles, and stability. The trainer can adjust or modify the moves as you progress and advance in your workouts in order to help attain good results.