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Explore Different Core Strengthening Exercises with a Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

Although there are different core strengthening exercises you can explore with a Coquitlam fitness trainer, there are those, which offer more effective results towards building your core muscles. The sit-ups or curl ups are among the common core strength exercises you can take. With sit-ups, you lie down on the floor on the back and bend your knees while keeping the feet firmly flat on the floor.

The arms are positioned by the side and the palms on the floor. You can put the arms to support your head, or cross the arms across your chest to rest on opposite shoulders. When you place the arms behind your head, ensure you do not push the head up as it might lead to wrong form especially if you are putting pressure on the neck instead of the abs. Then you pull your navel into the spine and lift your head slightly off the floor.

You use the shoulders to lift the upper body off the ground until you are upright. Then, you hold on for a few seconds and get back to the start position but with the back slightly curved rather than being flat on the floor. Another type, the V sit exercise, is done using a comfortable mat. With this exercise, you lie flat on the back with arms stretched out above the head.

You then curl in at the waist and bring your legs as well as the upper body up simultaneously. After that, you bring the hands forward while keeping them stretched out towards the legs. You further extend the legs straight in order for the body to form a V shape and allow the sit bones to anchor your position on the ground but keep the back straight.

If you find that extending the legs is too hard for you, you can try bending the knees to have the calves parallel to the floor. Bicycle crunches are other forms of core strength exercises you can execute. With the bicycle crunch, you lie flat on floor and have the arms by your side. You then place the hands behind the head while raising your head and the right knee. In that position, you try to touch your left elbow to the right knee.

You can feel the crunch deep inside the core. Then alternate the right elbow and the left knee and repeat the steps in a continuous motion like you are cycling. Ensure that you keep the head and shoulders up all the times as you execute and alternate the moves. Also ensure that your abs remain engaged throughout the exercise. These are just but a few of the core strength exercise that can transform your core muscles.