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Unique Core Strength Exercises with a Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

While there are many core strengthening exercises you can participate in, choosing a different array of these exercises can make the workouts fan as well as enable you attain your goals fast. Because some may be complex and will require modifications, you may consider working with a Coquitlam fitness trainer to assist you grasp the concept and do the moves correctly.

It is really important to ensure you maintain the correct posture in all these exercises otherwise, you may end up hurting your back or neck. In all these exercises, you should be able to feel a burn or tension of the core muscles as you execute them. This is when you know you are doing them right.

As you progress with each of the exercises, you have to intensify the moves by holding the positions longer or doing more repetitions to help you burn and feel the tension on core muscles. While holding to the positions means more work, it also ensures that you get stronger, and leaner as you progress. This will allow you achieve the results within the desired timeframe.

One of the unique core strength exercises is the side planks. With this exercise, you lie down on floor with the left side and the right leg placed directly over the left leg and left arm while outstretching it above the head. You then place the right hand on floor in front of the chest. You raise the body while bringing the left arm into support of the upper body.

In addition, you keep the left elbow directly under the left shoulder, with the left forearm resting on floor and the palm down. You can see this is a complex exercise and would require the help of a trainer to guide you through. Doing every position correct can help prevent injuries such as twisting of the arm.

You then lift the hips up and place the right hand on the right hip. From the head to the heel, you should have a straight line. You then use the abs as well as the gluteal muscles in order to hold to the position straight for an extended time period. Bird dog is another unique core strength exercise that you can execute. In this exercise, you get down on four limbs with knees hip width more apart and the palms shoulder width also more apart.

You have the four limbs firmly planted on the ground. You then make a 90-degree angle in your shoulders and knees and keep the back and core relaxed in their natural position. While tightening the abs, you extend the right leg backward until it is straight and aligned with the back. You can then hold this position for about 10 seconds before you return to the start position. Now, repeat the same step but this time with the opposite arm and leg. It is essential you always maintain a straight line in your knees and elbow as well as a 90-degree angle with your knees and shoulder that are on the side of the un-extended arm and leg.