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Effective Leg Exercises to Burn Fat with Help of a Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

If you are seeking to build strong shapely legs, you need to realize that there are so many ways to get the rear limbs in good form. Most of these exercises require little or no sort of equipments to execute. However, doing the moves correctly with help of a Coquitlam fitness trainer can assist in achieving your dreams pretty fast. The trainer can help proof that you do not actually need the fancy gym and workout equipments to burn fat, and perhaps what you need do is the right moves and have focus in your workouts.

When you try these exercises, you are investing in your future as health legs will assist in building mobility especially when you are aging and also ensure you have well toned, sturdy, sporty, and attractive legs. Deadlift, jumping jacks, lateral side jumps, step jog, and basic jump rope are some of the effective fat burning leg exercises you can do with a specialist fitness trainer.

Deadlifts are done by standing with the feet and shoulder width part while the toes are pointed outwards and the arms placed by the side. You use handles of dumbbells in the hands. In that position, you now bend the knees while you push the hips to the back and lower the dumbbells until they almost touch the ground.

While not slouching, you ensure that you do not lose the natural curve in your back. Ensure you keep the chest lifted and the knees placed not beyond the toes throughout the exercise. Now, go back to the start position and repeat the same while ensuring you do about 10 to 20 deadlifts.

Lateral side jumps on the other hand, entail placing a jump rope aligned with the floor. If you want to make the exercise tougher, you can use something like stool, but ensure it is properly and firmly placed on the floor. Then you stand with the both feet positioned together on one side of your rope and the arms by the side.

Now jump while lifting the foot closer to your rope and over the rope, land on the other side of it with both feet. Then repeat the same move in the opposite direction with the other foot. Step jog is done by placing an exercise step on floor and adjust it to attain the required height. Standing behind the step, you lift your foot and then place it on the step. Then you lift the other foot, place it on the same step, and immediately follow with taking of your first foot down.

You now continue stepping up and down the step as fast as you can in order to build a jogging momentum. Make sure you do not miss the step or make a mistake because you could trip and fall thus injuring yourself. It is much safer when you do these exercises with help of a trainer. Continue jogging when alternating the steps of your foot on the workout step and the floor. These kinds of exercises will help tone your legs and burn fat.