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What Fat Burning Leg Exercises Can You Learn With a Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer?

Having those toned shapely legs is not only something beautiful for both men and women but also a necessary thing in maintaining your mobility as you grow older. People aspire to have sturdy well-curved legs for attractive looks but then there is another reason for having healthy legs. Your Port Coquitlam personal trainer will tell that you need to have healthy legs for enhanced mobility in old age. Having shapely legs today and healthy legs tomorrow is like a win-win situation.

But there are exercises that can help you shape those legs. Squats are well known to create leg muscles and tone them properly. In doing squats, you stand with your feet and shoulder width apart and the arms by the side. You then push back the buttocks and bend the knees by lowering the body to assume a sitting position. This can go as far as you can comfortably endure.

You then extend both arms forward to align with the shoulder height. When doing this, you should ensure that your knees are not beyond the toes. Then come back to a standing position while the arms are down, thus completing one squat. You can do about 2 to 3 sets with a total of 12 squats each while holding each squat for about 10 seconds.

Lunges can also help you shape the legs. With these exercises, you stand with the feet and hip width apart while placing the arms by your side. While taking a big step forward with the left foot, you plant it on the floor and bend the left knee. Then you bend the right knee in such a way that you have the right foot resting on its toes.

Following, you bring your arms forward to reach the shoulder height while the palms remain facing inwards. Then you come back to the standing position and do the same for the other side. When doing the moves, ensure you keep the knees not bent passed the toes, and the right angle is created at both knees. You can do about 2 to 3 sets each containing 12 to 16 lunges when counted on both sides.

Another leg muscle shaping exercise is the mountain climber. In this exercise, you get into a push up position with the body facing down while supported on the toes and palms. With the abs tucked in, you keep a straight line right from the head to the heels and also from the shoulder to the wrist.

While bringing the right foot forwards, you ensure the right knee moves towards the left shoulder and then go back to push up position. Repeat the step with the other leg and do it for about 10 to 12 repeats or reps. These are some of the fat burning leg exercises you can do to tone and shape the legs.