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Realize the Benefits of Warming up Before Cardio with a Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer

While doing strenuous and heavy or intense workouts is something beneficial to the body, on the other hand, there is a sequence in which the exercises should be done. Plunging into heavy exercises right away may not be the best way to approach your cardio workouts. A Port Coquitlam personal trainer perhaps can show you the best way in which you can do your cardios including having a warm up before you dive into the intense workouts.

Whenever you hear of the word ‘Cardio’, one thing that comes to your mind is that you are diving into a highly intense workout with dripping sweat and panting. While this may be the way to glory, on the other hand, it may not be the right thing to do it immediately. You will certainly get to the point where intensity will be required. But until then, take it slow and begin to build your momentum.

Many people will try to jump straight into heavy and intense cardios thinking that they are likely to attain their fitness results fast. In any case, there is no pain, and no gain. So, why not do it the right way? The naked truth is that for an effective cardio workout, it has to begin with the much-needed warm up of the body.

By warming up, you are preparing the body to accustom to the changes brought about by the workouts. A warm up is ideally a preparation exercise that conditions the body to be able to endure the more strenuous and heavy exercises without wearing out too fast. With gentle movements, you can gradually and steadily increase the speed, momentum, and the intensity

Warming up before undertaking cardio exercises will allow the muscles to relax and prepare for full and fluid actions. With cold and stiff muscles, you will realize that they do not take well with the high intensity movements. You can easily sprain your muscles if you are not careful. Again, when you warm up, you increase the heartbeat and blood circulation to all parts of the body thus preparing it to meet the energy needs required for the cardios.

When you do some warm up, the muscles are less prone to any sorts of injury after the workouts. Moreover, warming up gets you into the comfortable zone for workouts. If you are like feeling lazy and down, you just need to do some warm up and you will condition the body and raise the mood ready for the intense workouts.

There are different warm up exercises you can take with help of a trainer ranging from the head and shoulder rolls, through upper body twist to arm, knee, and hip circles. These warm up exercises can vary in intensity and you need to see which ones will prepare the body effectively for cardio workouts.