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How A Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer Can Help You Reduce Weight with Yoga Poses

One question that many people ask is whether you can use yoga poses and styles for weight loss. Yes! Yoga can help in weight loss and while it may be easy, you need to have the right attitude towards the yoga training in order to make a real difference. A Port Coquitlam personal trainer is able to take you through various moves to help shade those extra pounds in your body.

There are different fat burning yoga poses that you can apply with help of a trainer, and they include cobra pose, bow pose, wind releasing pose, warrior I pose, and side stretch pose. With cobra pose, even beginners can get effective results from the simple poses. The cobra pose works in firming the buttocks and toning the abs.

The wind releasing pose targets the abdominal area of your body. The bow pose is an advanced one and it can really burn fat while at the same time toning the arms, abdominal area, and the legs. Warrior I pose is designed to work on the abs, arms, thighs, and is most effective when it is used as part of a sequence activity like the Sun Salutation.

The side stretch pose is intended to help raise the heart rate, improve the metabolism rate while also burning the calories. With the seemingly stationary poses and the chanting, people may wonder how such moves are likely to help lose weight. Many people believe that you have to undertake high intensity workouts to burn the calories in body.

And while this is true, on the other hand, the ostensibly stationary poses of yoga can work greatly in losing weight. They are an effective way in which the body can shade off the extra kilos when practiced correctly and regularly. When considering yoga for weight loss, the first factor you need to look at is that not every type of yoga is able to consistently help you lose weight.

Some types of yoga are better in reducing stress and help the body, mind, and soul relax, but they do not offer the cardiovascular workouts that are needed for weight loss. Another factor is that there has to be consistency. Like in any other fitness regime, you have to maintain consistence in whatever you do meaning you have to do the poses regularly and with some intensity.

In this case, intensity does not necessarily mean having a lot of motion and movements. A healthy diet is also essential when you are on a workout regime including the yoga poses. With the right guidance from a fitness instructor experienced in yoga moves, you can be able to transform your body to a leaner, toned, and slim body while burning out the fat.