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How To Execute Fat Burning Yoga Poses With A Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer

One secret to attaining results in workouts is by executing the moves correctly. While some may be simple, you may find that there are others that are complex and need to be done through guidance by a professional fitness instructor. A Port Coquitlam personal trainer can take you through the different yoga poses which can assist you in burning fat and reducing your weight. One of the poses is the cobra pose, which entails lying face down on the floor, and having the tops of the feet planted flat against the ground.

Then you press the legs and hips down while you place the hands under the shoulders and the palms down with the fingers spread out. Press in the hands while lifting your head, chest, as well as the upper back off the mat. Remember to keep your gaze forward and up with the shoulder blades down and back.

Following, push back the shoulder as you feel the stretch spreading evenly along the length of the spine. After having a few deep breaths, then relax to a prone position while on an exhale. Another fat bringing yoga pose is the wind releasing pose. To do this pose, you need to lie down on floor and then bring the knees up to touch your chest while keeping the ankles together.

After that, clasp the arms together right over your knees and bring the head up off floor. Then breathe deeply as you begin to feel the stretch working your abs before relaxing slowly. The bow pose entails lying down on the stomach and bending the knees and reaching around to try and grab the feet. While in that position, pull in the stomach and extend the feet upwards while raising the upper body.

Remember to keep the shoulder blades down and back. Then hold for several breaths before you relax to the normal position. Moreover, side stretch pose is another posture you can do. In this pose, you stand with the feet slightly wider than the hip width apart. Then you rotate the torso while turning both feet to the right. As you keep the legs straight, exhale and then hinge over the right leg till the torso is parallel to ground while you try to reach the hands to the ground.

Further hinge with each exhale and you move the torso closer to the right thigh. When doing this pose, remember to keep breathing before you relax and then repeat the step in the opposite direction. While these are a few of the poses you can use to burn fat in body through yoga, there are many others that you can utilize through the help of a qualified fitness trainer.