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Learn Whether Yoga Can Replace Strength Training With a Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer

When people hear about the term ‘strength training’ what crosses their mind is something like weight training or having numerous reps to contract the muscles with use of weights as resistance. However, if you have seriously taken up some vigorous yoga poses, you may have developed sore muscles after the classes and probably wondered how this did happen. You can discover more about yoga and strength training from a Port Coquitlam personal trainer.

Many experts advise people to do some form of strength training on weekly basis to help keep the metabolism rate high, and the weight training features mostly in these recommendations. Weight training can actually help prevent bone loss among other benefits. However, weight training with use of machines and equipments or lifters is not the only way you can attain strength training.

Due to such advices, many people have become enslaved to weight machines and dumbbells or the resistance cords. This means that they do not perceive yoga as something that can contribute towards strength training. However, this is not so because with yoga, there are poses that can work on the muscles rigorously.

Yoga poses allow you to lift your own body weight. When you do the yoga poses, you are certainly putting the body in a position or orientation that allows it to support its weight using the muscles. This simply means you are lifting weights. Yoga has been perceived not as a form of sculpting the physique but more of creating a thinking, a feeling, and a wellbeing of a person rather than getting preoccupied with the perfection of the outer appearance, yet this form of workout can offer just that.

The upshot is that you are able to increase the muscle tone and define the muscle size using yoga workouts. One challenge is that you are limited to lifting your own body and some of the poses and moves will require a lot of skill. This is why you have to work closely with a trainer who understands the different poses and styles that can help you support your own weight using your muscles.

A lot of time and determination are needed when applying yoga poses as forms of weight lifting than the typical lifting of weights or machines. The good thing is that yoga can be just as effective as the weights you lift in gyms when it comes to developing and building stronger and toned muscles for an impressive body physique.

But whether yoga can solely be applied as strength training depends on personal goals and the ability to be able to execute some of the complex poses. By taking the advice of a trainer, you can excel in transforming your muscles and attaining the body shape you want with use of yoga poses and styles.