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Yoga Verses Weights… Learn the Facts from a Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer

Yoga classes and poses are more perceived to help in building the feelings, thoughts, and wellbeing of a person while there exists less known facts about strength training from yoga classes. Yoga can be as good as weight lifting in building muscles and gaining strength as you can learn from a Port Coquitlam personal trainer. If you are seeking to build muscles, then weight training is regarded as a more practical approach.

And, as the American Council on Exercise describes, strength training is exercising or working out the body with use of progressively heavier resistance to build the muscular skeletal system. What this means is that the muscles and the bones in your body need to be overloaded with resistance weight to keep on developing.

When you do the traditional weight training with use of weight lifting techniques, the muscles adapt to the resistance of the weight and they become stronger implying that you have to add some more weight in order to achieve the same results. With the traditional weight training, you can continue growing the strength and size of muscles as long as you are adding more weights to lift.

However, yoga offers are more well-rounded approach when it comes to weight training. When you train on weight lifting using yoga postures, you basically carry your body weight with your muscles. With a regular yoga practice, you are able to reduce risks of injuries in your body from workouts.

You can walk, twist, bend, sit, and lift weights more flexibly. The yoga poses helps move the body the way it was designed to move thus helping in functional fitness. Yoga helps tone muscles in the entire body in much more balanced way while weight training could isolate some muscles and work more on others at a time.

Moreover, yoga uses both large and small muscles while allowing the body parts move in many directions such as arcing and twisting unlike the back and forth moves you would get for instance, from a bicep curl. With yoga, it gives eccentric contraction of muscles where they stretch and at the same time contract thus giving you a sleek and elongated appearance and increased flexibility in joints and muscles.

Weight training on the hand, mainly relies on concentric muscle contraction where the muscle get small as they contract, something that eventually gives the muscles a bulging look because the muscle fibers are more likely to heal closely together.

In order to obtain good results in strength training, it is essential that you make use of both weight lifting and yoga classes. Diversifying your strength training workouts can help you achieve better results and faster. Body weight exercises can include other techniques such as squats, pushups, V sits, and other calisthenics.

Any movement that would require you to lift or hold yourself up with the limbs can pretty yield good results. Since yoga has added advantage of working on the feelings and thoughts, you can be able to relieve stress and other ill feelings that may affect your workout regime.