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Do Arm Exercises Without Weight through A Port Coquitlam Personal Trainer

You may think that getting fabulously toned arms requires you to go to the gym and lift weights but there is more to that. If you are occupied with other obligations and you cannot get time to visit the gym facility, you can still tone your arms at home with some unique moves that do not require the use of weights. A Port Coquitlam personal trainer can help you discover some of these moves that you can do at home to tone and contour the arm muscles for greater shape.

The arm circles are certainly some of the effective non-weight arm muscle building exercises. This exercise targets your shoulders, the biceps, and the triceps. To do the arm circles, you stand straight with the feet planted flat on ground and the arms extended out to sides at an angle of 90 degrees to body, and then start moving the arms forward in small but fast circles.

You do many rotations and then reverse the move while doing as many circles as you can. Then take a break and do a repeat of the two moves. If you want to do the moves seated, then you have to make sure that the feet remains flat on ground and the back is straight. Tricep dip is another exercise that can tone your arm without the use of weights.

In tricep dip, you sit on a chair, then grip the edges of a seat with the hands, and stretch the legs out in the front. You move the body forward while making sure the feet are flat, and bend the arms behind in order to hold the body extended above ground. In this exercise, you are supporting the weight of the body with your arms thus working on the muscles. Then you slowly raise and lower the body with the triceps.

You can do three sets of the exercise for 15 reps. Another exercise you can make use of is the inverted row. This is an exercise, which targets the biceps, and it requires having something to grab onto while you lie flat on the ground. You may lie under a sturdy chair or coffee table. Grip the edge of the table or chair, then pull the upper body of the ground, and then hold for some seconds before you lower the body.

You can do as many inverted rows as possible. It may feel like an unorthodox during the first attempts but with a few repetitions, you are able to feel the biceps now working. A trainer can guide you when you feel undecided and not knowing which arm exercises to take. Because you are doing many moves and workouts, some may be very new to you, and you have to get the styles correct.