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3 Arm Exercises You Can Explore With A Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

Achieving well toned arm muscles takes commitment and there are a number of exercises that you can do whether at home or from a gym facility. When you choose exercises to explore, ensure that you can execute them from your preferred location. With help of a Port Coquitlam fitness coach, you can be able to create toned arm muscles even if you have no weights or other gym equipments to lift.

Handstands and the headstands entail balancing, but these positions require you to apply plenty of upper arm strength in order to keep the body upside down and at the right alignment. For a novice in headstands and handstands, it may require you to lean your body against the wall to aid in balancing. This will allow you to work up the strength with courage and be able to perform those moves without the wall assistance in future.

In these positions, you have to use core muscles and keep the belly drawn in for enhanced balance. To attain the headstand position, you crouch down in frontage of a wall and then clasp the hands together with the elbows at about shoulder width apart. Then you position the head in between the elbows. While lifting the legs up, you ensure they are both placed against the wall.

In the entire pose, you should keep the top of the head off floor by using the arm muscles to push the body upward and in a lifting motion. On the other hand, for the handstands, you place the hands on floor with shoulder width apart, and then keep the gaze on floor when lifting the legs off the floor and against the wall.

Keeping the elbows straight using the arm strength, you lift up the body to the walls. In order to safely get out from the headstand and handstand, you take one leg down and then follow the other leg. Downward dog is another arm exercise you may do without using weight lifts. It is a Sun Salutation pose, which helps in toning the arms.

In this pose, it allows the body to form a reverse V shape while the heels are pressed down or alternatively placed close to floor and the hands flat on floor. The spine follows a straight light towards the ground while the hips remain pressed backwards. To keep the body in reverse V shape, you may want to bend the knees. Then use the arms in order to push the body weight back towards the heels while not rounding the back.

The Plank pose is among the Sun Salutation sequences in yoga, and it can help in toning your arm muscles. Like pushups, what you need to do is position the body in a horizontal position to the ground while keeping the body in that position for about 30 seconds. You should make sure that the wrists are placed directly under shoulders and the back is kept in a straight line.

You can lower the elbows to ground and clasp the hands together or lay the lower arms and hands in a flat position against the ground with use of the arm muscles in the entire pose. This will give you more challenge in the pose for well toned arm muscles.