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Learn How to Ease Knee Pain with A Port Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

Nearly anyone has encountered the problem of knee pain whether it is caused by excess foot pronation, arthritis, or overuse of the muscles, which protect the vulnerable joint. It can be a painful experience when you have sprained the knee joint. Most of the chronic knee pain can be avoidable. With a Port Coquitlam fitness instructor, you can learn different moves and styles of exercises to ease the knee pain.

A research that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that physical therapy and exercises are some of the effective ways in which knee pain can be reduced, as they can be as effective as surgery in relieving the chronic pain that is related to arthritis. By learning how to strengthen and stretch the key muscles, which support your knees, you can be able to reduce the pain or protect the joints.

One of the ways in which you can reduce knee pain is through strengthening your butt. The knee injuries can occur when your large hip muscles become weak. When the gluteus maximus, which is the main butt muscle, becomes weak, it may cause the pelvis to drop and the upper thigh bone or femur to fall inwards. Such a thing creates imbalance, which in turn leads to painful downward stress experienced in the hip, knee, and the ankle when you take steps.

With hip extensions, these exercises can help in strengthening the glutes. Another exercise is stretching the muscles, which support the knees. If you have the butt muscles becoming atrophy or imbalanced because of sitting too much during the day, it makes the hip adductors and the hamstrings to overwork. This can lead to compressive force within the knee joint.

You can stretch the muscles in order to decrease the chances of them getting tight and causing muscle imbalance. When you strengthen the weak muscles such as the glutes, it is crucial that you stretch the supporting muscles such as the inner thigh muscles. Another way you can ease knee pain is by toning the core muscles.

Abdominal weakness is likely to cause the pelvis to incline or tilt forward. This creates excess low back curvature and it shifts the leg bones towards the inside. When you strengthen the core muscles, you help to keep the back in the neutral spine position. This then places the lower extremities particularly the knees in their best possible position to initiate movements without compressing the joint.

Crunches can help you strengthen you abdominal muscles. Maintaining a healthy weight is another way to ease the knee pain. Overweight can cause knee osteoarthritis. This is because fat decreases muscle strength and you will have the excess weight adding straining on your knee joints. The higher the body weight, then the weaker the knee muscles. This is an inverse relation between the body weight and the quadriceps muscle strength. Water aerobics can be a good way of reducing weight while not adding more impact on your knees.