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Discover Why Celebrities Embrace Hula Hooping With A Port Moody Fitness Trainer

Hula hoops can do the trick in burning the belly fat and helping strengthen the core. Many people do not visit the gym because they are busy with their children or work. Others may not be able to hire personal trainers. But, one simple tool makes a big difference to fitness enthusiasts including the celebrities. With help of a Port Moody fitness trainer, you can realize how hula hooping can change your exercising perception, and how even celebrities are embracing it.

And, as Kelly Osbourne, and English singer, songwriter, television presenter, actress, and fashion designer recently tweaked, she is all about the hula hooping thing now. She does it five minutes in the morning, another five minutes at night, and within five day, she was able to lose two inches of her waistline.

On the other hand, Michelle Obama can hula hoop while kneeling, and for Grace Jones, she hula hooped in the entire of her Queen’s Diamond Jubilee performance needless to mention that Beyonce has credited her fantastic figure to the humble hula. For sure, hula hooping can’t do better than that.

If you are not obsessed with gyms, then you can still find an alternative, and that is, the hula hooping. It could just be as effective as visiting the gym. However, for effective results, you would want to complement hula with other workouts such as Pilates, yoga, weight training, and intervals. It can help women slim their bodies, burn calories, and enhance their core.

In a study conducted in 2010 at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, it revealed that hula hooping, when done effectively, could burn about 7 calories in a minute. Well! That might sound like too much considering that, it is as much as you would burn when you walk briskly, or even more than you would torch in one minute through a power yoga, Pilates class, or step aerobics.

Moreover, in a recent survey, it showed that out of 3,000 women interviewed, about 58 percent said that their stomach was the part of body which they most yearned they could change. Hula can strength your core muscle but it depends on what you do with the hula hoop. If you work it out correctly, it can also offer great benefits to the rest of the body.

By swinging that hoop around the hips, it can offer effective aerobic exercise. Contrary to what many people think, hooping can deliver amazing results, and it is not too light or too small when it comes to workouts. And the hoop can be made heavy to allow for more core strength training. With a heavier hoop, it makes the hooping experience easier since it generates momentum. On the other hand, heavier hoops can also work the abs more effectively than the light weight counterparts.