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Various Hula Hooping Exercises You Can Do With a Port Moody Fitness Trainer

When it comes to hula hooping, there are many exercises that you can do, which will help work your body including the belly, waist, and the core muscles. By consulting a Port Moody fitness trainer, you can discover some of these unexplored options that can transform your body. Like many other workouts, it is important that you consider complementing hula hoops with other forms of workouts such as high intensity interval training, crossfits, core strength, as well as Pilates and yoga.

One of the hula hoop exercises is the standing twist. The standing twist offers a workout ideal for your abs. Hula hoop could offer an effective way of working out your abs. With standing twist, you hold the hula hoop on both sides and then twist towards the left while keeping the lower part of body straight.

When you have held the hoop for about 5 seconds, you twist it to the right side, and then continue holding again as you hoop. Rolling Reach is effective for the legs and back. This exercise resembles driving, only that the steering here is quite big. You hold the hula right in front of you and then bend forward, and once you have taken that position, you just start rolling over the hoop from the left to the right.

Arm Circle is another exercise you can do with your hula. This exercise helps in working out the shoulders and arms. You hold the hula in air and then you circle it between palms and forearms. As you bend your elbow, you will easily feel some pressure on your arms and shoulders.

A V-sit hula is quite easy, and it helps in developing strong abs muscles. You need to ensure that you keep the circumference of your hoop in mind. You then, on one of hula ends raise your feet together, and allow your hands to hold the other end. Such a position will put pressure on abs muscles.

Tree Press on the other hand, makes use of your hula as a dumbbell. You have to balance while you stand straight on one leg, and the other leg will stick out through the rapport of the other leg. Then you hold the hula behind the head while slightly lifting up and bending down.

Hoop boot camp is a vigorous exercise, which can help in shaping the hips, thighs, and the lower back. It is a step by step performance with a circular ring. And, if you want something interesting, the hula hoop dance is a perfect exercise. In this dance workout, it is like the aerobics and the exercisers make use of the hoop as dumbbells. With a good music to help groove and let you free in a dance, you are able to shake your booty.