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Realize the Benefits of Core Strength with a Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

You may not believe it, but the best core exercises could surprise you. In order to develop the strength of your core muscles, it is not enough for you do the abs crunches or the sit ups. For you to have a strong core, you will need to work out on a variety of muscles right from the hips, shoulders, to the abs. Port Coquitlam fitness trainers can help you understand the different muscles that are essential for the core strength.

The trainers will also help you work out each type of muscle according to your training needs. If you have to build and develop the six pack or the abs muscles, you can have exercises that are tailored specifically for that group. There is a misconception that the core is developed by the six pack abs, but these abdominal muscles only form a small part of the core.

The core consists of different muscles, which help in stabilizing the spine as well as the pelvis, and they run the entire length of your torso. When the core muscles contract, you have a stabilized spine, pelvis, as well as shoulder girdle. In addition, they create a solid supporting base. This allows you to generate powerful body movements at the extremities.

Core muscles also help in enhancing upright posture and movement on your two feet. They also help in transferring energy, controlling movements, shifting body weight, and moving in any direction. With a strong core, the body is able to distribute the weight bearing stresses and also protect the back.

When you are seeking for core conditioning exercises, you need to ensure that they are targeted to all these different groups of muscles. The main core muscles run through the trunk and torso length. The most commonly identified core muscles include the abdominals or the six pack muscles as well as the erector spinae found along the neck to the lower back, and multifidus, which are located along the vertebral column. External oblique, internal oblique, transverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis are among the abs muscles. Others are the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and hip flexors. The list of core muscles can different widely but experts hold that it consists more than the abs that many people think are the only core muscles.

There are many benefits of having good core strength and they include reduction in back pain. Because the abdominals or abs protect the back and offer foundation for strength, they help in reducing back pains. Although abdominals are only a small part of the many core muscles, they play an important role.

With loose core muscles, it leads to swayback posture and loss of suitable lumbar curve. Weak core can induce stress on spine but a strong core enhances the upright posture and reduces strain on spine. Moreover, core improves athletic performance. The muscles of trunk and torso help stabilize spine from the neck through the shoulder to the pelvis, and transfer of power to legs and arms. Last but not least, core improve your postural imbalances by developing functional fitness.