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Counter those Christmas Bulges with Help of a Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

For the fitness enthusiasts, the onset of holiday season spells troubles in different ways. First, there is the battle with food as every time you turn around, you are confronted with those candies, chocolates, and other gift packs. It is the time when people want to sample the tastiest meal but the truth is that these holiday party indulgencies are unhealthy and have high calorie levels. You would want to beat that holiday bulge with help of a Port Coquitlamfitness instructor.

When you start your fitness journey, there are hurdles you will encounter, but you have to realize that it is a lifestyle and not just a periodic commitment. You have to devote yourself to this kind of lifestyle. However, people are tempted by small things especially when it comes to meals and drinks in those rare holiday moments.

You may think that having one or two candies, chocolates, snacks and the rest of junkies in those few days of holidays will not affect your health and fitness goals. But this is not the case because you can mess up with your fitness efforts. There is also a lot of free flow of alcoholic drinks you will be enticed to taste and some have high calorie content.

The other front is that people become so entangled with other obligations and tend to forget that they still need to work out. With the busy schedule for holidays, many exercisers take a break and in addition, go ahead to spoil themselves with the sweet candies and other junks. In this time of the year, people will skip their workouts because they do not have the time to visit the gyms.

However, before you know it, you have already put in all the high calories to your body, and the body is not receiving the usual exercises. And, within a short time, you find that the holiday has ended but it has left a trail of damage in your fitness. This is the time you realize that you have put on over 10 pounds of fat in body and less muscle mass.

It now turns to a disaster considering that it does not take you a week, a month, or even two to shed off that fat. The effort you would have made for many months is suddenly shuttered and you have to start from the beginning. Besides, when you have been to those couches for some weeks without training, you will find it hard to get back to working out.

However, there is one saving grace that can help you when you find yourself in such a situation. This is interval training. In a study that was led by Jason Talanian, it showed that, people who did seven high intensity interval training exercises in a span of two weeks, could be able to raise their aerobic capacity by about 13 percent.

The people also boost their fat burning capacity by another 36 percent while also increasing essential aerobic enzymes by close to 25 percent. This means that immediately you have finished the holiday season and have discovered that you have put on a lot of weight, you might want to go for these high intensity interval training exercises or workouts.