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Do this Triple Drop Set Work Out with a Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

Drop sets are mostly associated with the body builders, but did you know that other people could also benefit from these exercises? If you want to tone the body, build muscle mass, and shed the fat in your body, you can make use of these drop set exercises. You can consult a Port Coquitlamfitness coachto guide you through the different forms of drop set workouts.

Back in 1947, a Body Culture magazine editor, Henry Atkins developed a special weight lifting exercise, which he named it, the multi-poundage system. Initially, this form of weight lifting was designed to be used in barbells however, over the years it has revolutionalized hence being given other names such as the descending sets, stripping methods, running the rack, or strip sets among other many names.

In advanced body training, the drop set exercises are very important and have become a major boost for the trainees. However, only a few athletes and sports persons really make use of the drop sets and the main reason is that they do not give the speed and power that is needed by the sports people.

However, there a number of variations which can be made in order to accommodate the needs of sports persons. Remember sports people also need to have general body wellness. Besides, relying on only one kind of exercise or routine many not be a good idea. Even athletes need to have good health and maintain stamina as well as strength for their day to day activities.

In doing drop set workouts, you will start with heavy weights first, and then move on to the medium, and then to the lighter weights in that descending order. For example, if you are executing a lat pull down using 50 pound stack, and you achieve a failure after your 10th rep, then you will have done your first drop set. You will need to strip your weight down to may be 40 pounds and then begin doing the lat pulls again.

You will continue until you attain another positive failure, and this will be your second or double drop set. Again, you have to strip off some weight, may be this time to 30 pounds stack. You will continue with the lat pulls until you reach another positive failure. This time you will have done your triple drop set. Although you could continue with the set of exercise by stripping more weights as you execute the lat pulls, it is recommended that you only do the triple drop set.

The exercise can be modified to change the tempo in order to intensify it. There is also a specified diet that goes hand in hand with drop sets, and it includes protein intake, which should be high when you are doing these exercises. You also need to take carbohydrates but they should be controlled. Besides, exercisers should only take in healthy fats.