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Discover Effective Exercises for Toned Buttocks with Port Coquitlam Fitness Trainers

If you want to have toned derriere like those of Jennifer Lopez, then you will have to discover the secrets in creating shapely butts. Many men and women aspire to have perfectly toned butts and hips. But without indulging in weight training, you can hardly tone your buttocks. You can discover some of the most effective butt shaping exercises with a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer.

Toning exercises will not only assist developing the glutes but also in shaping the hamstrings and your quads. You can even make the toning exercises to be more effective by incorporating dumbbells. Apparently, some of the most effective butt toning exercises include simple bridge, squats, front lunges, standing lungs, and walking.

In simple bridge, you will need to place the body on flat surface and then put the arms flat on sides. You then lift the hips in to air while keeping the arms straight and bending the knees. Then you stay in that position for about 20 seconds. You can make 15 reps of this position. Another butt toning exercise is squats.

In squatting, you need to stand with the hands and the arms straight in front while keeping the back straight. Then you slowly and gently squat assuming the pose of sitting on a chair. You then stop when the thighs reach the level with the surface and the knees fixed at a 90 degree angle. You then do this for about 6 times.

In front lunges, you start by standing up straight with the hands placed on your hips. Then you take a large forward step using one leg then bend the leg at the knee while ensuring that you keep it at about 90 degree angle. Then step back and repeat the same procedure by making about 20 reps with each foot. The front lunges are certainly some of the best workouts for your butt.

Running is also an ideal exercise for toning those butts and it is easy to do. If you cannot run, then you may want to try simple jogging and walking, as they will help in toning the butt and hips. Yoga on the other hand is a popular option, which can help in butt toning. One thing with yoga is that it helps in calming the body and creating balance besides giving you the shape you want.

But, you will need to seek the help of a trainer experienced in yoga moves to be able to derive the benefit of this exercise. Back lunges are similar to front lunges but this time you have to step back. If you are seeking for a healthy body and toned muscles, you will need to choose the workouts that can suit your lifestyle and consider consulting a personal trainer