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Learn About Diet Tips to Prevent Tummy Bulge from a Port Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

While it is important to know how to get rid of a bulging tummy, it is also essential to understand how fat gets in the belly in the first place. You can learn some of facts about belly fat from a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer. Men tend to hold excess fats in their bellies but women will mainly store them in their thighs and hips, and this is a protection, which is provided by hormones.

However, the menopause removes that kind of hormonal protection, and this is why women become equally vulnerable to storage of fat in belly. Moreover, an apple shaped woman may have this susceptibility because of her genes. There are other reasons, which will lead to storage of fats in belly, and they are calorie intake from things such as alcohol, trans fats, and processed foods needless to mention bloating as a result of gassy foods.

If you want to reduce that betty fat, you need to exercise correctly as well as get the right diet regime. A personal trainer will assist you in coming up with exercising routine, which will help in burning off those fats. On the other hand, the trainer can also help you develop the right diet regime.

One thing you will want to avoid is the processed foods and the added sugars. Imagine how much of added sugar you put in body every day as you take those cakes, cookies, and other bakery stable. You will need to choose whole fruits instead of juices, and fresh foods instead of canned ones, as well as water instead of soft drinks.

Packed and canned foods contain high levels of sodium and less nutrients as well as fibers. Controlling alcohol can help you reduce belly fat. Alcohol reduces the body’s effectiveness in burning calories, and this further hurts metabolism. When you take alcohol, you strain your liver by making it spent more time burning alcohol instead of the fat in body. This is why you would hear of the terms such as ‘beer gut’ or ‘beer belly’.

In addition, you would want to go for the abs muscle-friendly foods. Such foods will help in balancing the gut bacteria and also reducing bloating gas. They also prevent constipation and contain healthy fats. Such abdominal-friendly foods include lean protein, leafy vegetable, eggs, whole grains, and almonds.

Moreover, you will need to eat at the right time. You may start with something within the first hour after you wake up followed by full breakfast that is rich in proteins and whole grains. Have a filling lunch and then a light dinner but ensure that you have the dinner about 3 hours before you go to bed. During the day, you may slot in some two snacks, one in the mid morning and another one at 4 o’clock tea time.