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Execute Reverse Crunch Exercises with a Port Moody Personal Trainer

Different exercises are developed for different fitness goals and while there are plenty of workouts you can engage in, it is essential you understand how each and every exercise helps in transforming your body. A Port Moody personal trainer could be of great help when you are discovering different forms and styles of workouts. Attaining a flat abs is something many women would like to have but it requires the right workouts and executing them properly.

Reverse crunches are ideal if you want to tone those abs muscles and get rid of that protruding tummy. They are fast and effective if done in the correct manner. One beneficial thing about reverse crunches is that they do not put stress and strain on your neck and back. Using the right technique in executing these crunches is vital if you have to achieve good results.

Reverse crunch is best done on a carpet or yoga mat. First, you lie on your back and allow the head to rest against the mat. Then put the arms in a comfortable position by placing them down at your sides or having them cupped behind the head to offer some extra support. Either way, ensure that your neck and head are flat against the floor.

Bring the legs at a 90-degree angle to the ground and ensure you keep the knees aligned with your toes. You may consider crossing the ankles for added difficulty in the exercise. Then lift your hips by squeezing the abdominal muscles in a short but precise motion. Make sure that you do not rock the hips and that the abs are doing all the work.

Remember the focus is the abs because this is the area you want to shed out the fat using this exercise. Now, lower your back to the starting position after each crunch and return the feet down right on mat with the knees bent. You can then repeat the step as desired. One set of the crunch consists about 12 to 16 repetitions. The sets can be done as a single set or you might want to do them as circuits made up of two to three sets in order to offer some rest periods in between the sets.

Physical fitness trainees can greatly realize that reverse crunches are an ideal way of working on the stubborn lower ab muscles. However, it is essential to incorporate other core exercises as well as cardios in order to help work on your abs more successfully. In addition, ensure that you remain dehydrated throughout the workout because it is the sweating that will allow for accelerated calorie burn. Reverse crunches can be combined with the ordinary sit ups or the typical crunches in order to ensure you get complete abdominal muscle workouts.