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Discover Different Push Ups Variations with a Port Moody Personal Trainer

Push ups are considered an ideal form of exercises for toning the abs and enhancing core strength with the ability to put different sets of muscles including the shoulders, triceps, chest, back, the abs and the legs muscles into real workouts. However, working on the same styles and moves of exercises can be boring and at some point the body may adjust to those exercises leading to inefficiencies in achieving results. A Port Moody personal trainer can help in giving you some variations in your push ups to help you achieve good results.

And, there are many of these variations. Push up lat row is one form of variation that can be applied on these exercises. Although push up is nearly a perfect exercise all by itself, when you apply some alterations like adding a dumbbell to movement, you can enhance the upper body workout. Alternating dumbbells lat rows can be added in each repetition. With this modification, it helps increase the intensity of exercises and will activate core stabilizers and engage the latissimus dorsi back muscles.

Another variation is the stability ball push ups, which helps in increasing the difficulty as well as effectiveness of the traditional push ups. If you want to move beyond the standard push up exercise, you have to work on core stability. It will take some good practice in order to build the strength.

Working with a personal trainer can assist in getting the desired results. Before you move to stability push ups, ensure you can do at least about 20 basic push ups. Alternating medicine ball push ups will also add core stability while also modifying the range of motion in basic push ups. You can roll the medicine ball between your hands after each repetition to introduce a new balance challenge.

For those who find the standard push up quite difficult, they may try starting with incline push ups. This is achieved by doing the push up against a table, wall, or even a chair. It gives you an inclined position that is much easier to balance compared to the standard push up. By standing several feet away from the surface you are using for the workout, you can apply the same push up technique thereby lowering yourself until you attain a 90 degree of the elbows and then raise yourself back up.

Ensure that you keep the core tight throughout the exercise. Bent knee push ups can also give you some variations of the standard push ups. This exercise is performed on your knees instead of the toes. To do this workout, ensure you keep the hip, shoulders, and knees all within a straight line without curving or bending. Many people tend to bend at the hip section thus creating a bow, and this is an incorrect form of doing the exercise.