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Explore V-Sit up Exercises with a Port Coquitlam Fitness Trainer

If you are tired of doing those old crunches, you might want to try something different to tone the abdominals. V-Sit ups, although tough, they will help in testing your balance while also ensuring that you strengthen your core. To ensure you attain good results with V-Sits, involve a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer to guide you through the different moves. V-Sit up is an effective exercise for the abdominals and the core and it works on different muscles ranging from the rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, to the hip flexors.

Depending on the angle you take, you can alter the moves to be easier or harder. When doing this exercise, ensure you keep the abs engaged, as this is key to losing those Spanx within no time. V sits will whittle your waist by ensuring that you target one side of abdominals at a time. You have to control your muscles when doing the movements in order to get the desired results of this core and abdominal exercise.

It is not an easy movement because it requires you to use total body strength as well as control. Before you start doing the exercise, ensure you have warmed up properly. The key in performing the moves is to avoid pooching out the stomach, and this is achieved by working the deep abs through pulling the navel to the spine.

When you discover that your posture is weakening, try to keep the knees bent. In doing the exercise, you sit on floor stretching the legs and keeping the back straight and the arms by the side. A padded mat may be used for support. Next, extend the arms in front at the shoulder level and engage the abs while leaning back slightly.

When you are stable, then lift up your feet first and follow by lifting the legs off the floor while leaning back further in order to attain a balance of the body on buttocks and tailbone. You will now be in a tripod position. While keeping the abs strong, try to raise the legs up and bend the back further until you have the body forming a V shape.

If possible, raise the arms towards the toes. To make the move harder, you can raise the arms straight overhead to get that full V shape. At that position, hold as long as you are comfortable and then come back to the start position. The V sits, when done correctly will help in toning the abdominals and building your core. As the saying goes, in workouts, there is no one size fit for all. If you encounter any challenges in doing your exercises including the V sits, ensure you work closed with a qualified personal trainer.