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Plank Exercises with a Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

The plank is an exercise that aims at enhancing balance and conditioning your core. In yoga, this plank exercise is done as part of sun salutation sequences and as component of a Vinyasa yoga flow sequence. Full plank is done by balancing on both arms while side plank is done by balancing on one arm. You may even have the workout modified by a Port Coquitlam fitness coach to suite your fitness needs. The aim is to ensure that you are getting results from the exercises.

Remember that you have to engage in different kinds of exercises that target different groups of muscles and body parts. In doing full plank, you begin by taking the push up position. You may use a yoga mat on the floor. Lower the forearms to the ground and ensure that both the fists and elbows are flat on ground. The palms need to be balled up and positioned directly underneath the shoulders.

Now, curl the toes under while engaging the abs by tilting the pelvis and pulling the belly button towards the spine. While straightening the body, ensure you keep the spine and neck neutral. The idea is to imagine yourself as a plank of wood and that you are as straight as an arrow. Then flex the abdominals and squeeze the glutes, as these are the major muscles that you intend to work on using this exercise.

Now, hold to this position or the plank position until you feel that you are burning. Ensure that you keep the eyes off the floor in front of you and avoid raising the behind. The body should make straight line right from the heels to back of the head.

In doing side plank, you lie on your left with the entire body on a mat. Then use the left elbow to prop or raise up the rest of the body and make sure that the left elbow is directly underneath the left shoulder. Also, ensure that the right arm rests on the side of the shoulder. Only the forearm that runs from the ball of fist to the elbow end needs to support the weight of body.

The forearm needs to point perpendicular to the body. Now tighten the abs and glutes while holding your pose. If you want to have a more challenging pose, you may try lifting the hips and propping your weight wholly on the left hand. You can bring the elbow off the ground and then rest the weight of body on your hand.

While extending the right arm up into air, you hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable. For a variation called the staff plank, you need to bend the arms 90 degrees while keeping the elbows at the sides in both the half and full planks.