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How to Plank With Opposite Arm and Leg-Raise with a Port Coquitlam Fitness Coach

While exercises have some predefined moves that should be followed, there are many variations that can be done on most of the moves. If you want to have fun, remain motivated, and get effective workouts, you need to ensure you work with a Port Coquitlam fitness coach to derive different styles and moves of exercises. Doing the same moves each and every day can be boring and will lead to ineffective workouts.

Planks are body balance and core conditioning exercises. Planking with opposite arm and leg-raise offers a more challenging plank exercise. You start by getting into the push up position with the body supported on palms and toes while the back remains straight and aligned with neck and head. You now lower yourself onto the forearms and keep the rest of body position unchanged.

Now, curl the fists inwards and ensure you keep a right angle in the elbows and directly under the shoulders. Then lift the right leg off the ground and extend it while keeping it straight and parallel to floor. While putting the body weight on the left foot and the right arm, try to lift the left arm and extend it to the front with the fingers pointing forward.

Ensure that you keep the extended leg, arm, and the back straight in the entire exercise. Use the core to maintain the balance of the body. You can hold in this position for about 10 seconds and then come back to the starting plank position. To work on the other side of body, just turn yourself and lie on the mat. Repeat the same steps and do eight reps on each side.

Doing this exercise will help in conditioning the core while at the same time developing balance and coordination of body. You can incorporate planks within your workouts as one way of working on your core and developing body balance. Ask your trainer to modify the moves in order to introduce planks that are more challenging and diversify your workout.

You might even modify the planks to what is known as dolphin plank by keeping the forearms on floor and the elbows beneath the shoulder to attain a low planking position. If you have problems in doing the exercises, ensure you contact your personal trainer to help you out. Some of the moves may be quite difficult to execute but as you build core strength and create body balance, you can even do complex moves.

Make sure that you are enjoying your workouts otherwise, you may give up too soon. By having a mix and match of different workouts and exercises, you can be able to enjoy your fitness exercises and discover more routines for effective transformation of the body.