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What Kind of Total Body Warm Ups Can You Get From A Port Coquitlam Fitness Center

Whenever you are working out the body, there are certain things you will always need to follow in order to improve the effectiveness of the exercises and prevent injuries. When you first step into a gym facility, you need to condition the body to be prepared for those cardios and high intensity interval trainings. A Port Coquitlam fitness center offers all forms of warm ups before you get into the main exercise for the day.

Warming up the body increases the heart rate and also prepares the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments for the strenuous exercises. When you indulge in exercises without warming up, you will most likely suffer from muscle cramps and cause injuries to the ligaments. It is essential that you start by warming up in order to get the blood flowing and reaching all the muscles.

Proper warm up will prevent premature fatigue enabling you to cling on your exercise and derive the most out of it. If you are working out the entire body, then you should also ensure you warm up the entire body. The squat and press can help in total warm up since it works and prepares different parts of body including the shoulders, abs, glutes, chest, back, and legs.

A medicine ball may be required to do the squat and press warming up. In doing this warm up exercise, you assume a starting position by standing and holding a weighted medicine ball just in front of your chest. Then bend at your knees in order to perform a squat. Then strengthen the legs out and lift your medicine ball overhead. You can repeat this step for about 10 to 15 reps.
The plank is another essential warm up exercise, which helps in conditioning the body for the workouts.

By holding the plank position, it helps get the most out of the total body workouts. To prevent injury when doing the plank warm up exercises, ensure you keep the back straight. To do the plank, place the hands under shoulder as though you are getting ready for some push ups. Then contract your lower back and abs but make sure that you keep the back straight. You now hold at this position for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Another important warm up exercise when you want to indulge in total body workouts is stretching. Stretches are important part for any form of workout. It not only helps you to counter soreness, which comes with workouts but also lengthens the muscles and improves the range of motion as well as flexibility.

Besides, stretching also helps in preventing injuries when you are exercising. Even when you are not engaging in intense workouts, it is important that you incorporate the stretching exercises in your daily routine. It will help improve circulation of blood, decrease stress, and release tension in muscles.